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An activist wedded to the idea of a better India, a statesman and deeply committed persona Mayank Gandhi is a rare combination of a man who thinks on his feet while feeling with his heart. No stranger to the needs of the country, he has been associated with working towards the upliftment of the under privileged and the growth of the country in projects that befit a humanitarian.

There are three key buttons in national life that can lead to transformation n - Politics, economy and thought process. Mayank has been involved with politics with a view to change the political agenda of the country, that could form the right policies for the nation. Politics in 2016 is far better than in 2011, when he began and he believes that he played a small part in the transformation. The churning in politics has begun and now it was time for him to disengage from politics and work on the second front – economy. He quit politics completely in November 2015.

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