Month: March 2011

Reflection: why of life

Existence is just dance of different frequencies of energy. Birth, sustenance and death – the complete cycle continues, on and on and aptly called the dance of the Shiva. Like everyone and everything, we are also just energy bodies – made up of a range of electrons, protons and neutron dancing in a random brownian […]

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Sat 5th March

Friends, “The time for petition, marches and pleading is over – the time has come for direct action”    Gandhiji, 1920 Time to go back into states and start strengthening the movement there. After Delhi and Maharashtra, it is UP. In the next two days, various groups from across UP are meeting Arvind Kejriwal and Swami […]

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Fri 4th March

Dear friends, Latest Information: Yesterday – PMO called up many newspaper heads / editors / reporters and told them that PM had asked to meet Anna Hazare. After that a time has been decided to meet the PM on Monday evening 7th March at 7pm along with 7 other senior members of IAC. IAC has decided […]

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