Month: April 2011

Activism – a personal journey

The rush of events tempted me to put off the weekly blog on spirituality, but then I remembered the principles that I espoused. One needs to keep on operating at all levels – personal, family, business and work, social activity and spiritual activity, together. Just because one has personal or family or business or nation […]

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Countering allegations,conspiracies and attacks

Participatory democracy = a process emphasizing the broad participation of constituents in the direction and operation of political systems. Citizens are not just voters. Democracy does not just come once every five years. The participation of citizens in the daily activities of democratic functioning is the hallmark of a vibrant democracy. And any democracy without […]

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Sowing seeds of doubt….Anna Hazare

Machiavellianism = employment of cunning and duplicity in statecraft. Today, crores are convinced about the Jan Lokpal Bill and have put their all at stake. The government has been forced by the public mood to agree for the joint committee. If the Jan Lokpal Bill with all their provisions comes to force, the entire government […]

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