Month: January 2018

Gandhiji’s courage of conviction

In 1938, a group of well-meaning people felt that against the best equipped British army, Gandhi’s way of non-violence was doomed to fail. They gathered in front of Gandhi and advised him to seek a compromise, a reconciliation on issues rather than waste his life fighting a hopeless battle. Gandhi very calmly replied to them, […]

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AAP & Down – The Arvind I knew

Chapter 1 (excerpt) While I had met Arvind only a few times, I had heard many inspiring stories about him. For instance, during his avatar as an Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officer, he’d regularly expose fellow of officers who’d ask for bribes. While working with the Income Tax (IT) department, he was also operating as […]

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AAP & Down – prologue

I was sitting under a tree and talking to some of the farmers of Parchundi—one of the fifteen villages we have adopted in Marathwada, Maharashtra for rural development. We were having an intense discussion about some impending post-monsoon work. From the corner of my eye, I could see Govind, one of the smartest boys of the village, […]

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