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An activist wedded to the idea of a better India, a statesman and deeply committed persona Mayank Gandhi is a rare combination of a man who thinks on his feet while feeling with his heart. No stranger to the needs of the country, he has been associated with working towards the upliftment of the under privileged and the growth of the country in projects that befit a humanitarian.

Mayank Gandhi (born 7th November 1958) is a science as well as a Management graduate; he lives with his family in Mumbai.

He got involved in activism since 2003 and was part of the drafting of the RTI along with Anna Hazare and was instrumental in other major structural reforms in the country.

Mayank was an urban planner and used to engage with governments on inner city development in various developed and developing countries. He was part of the team that worked for preparing a law and process to remake Mumbai using cluster development model. The Chicago-based CTBUH, the largest not-for-profit body of planners and architects in the world appointed him as part of their advisory council.

In 2011, he joined the team that launched the India against Corruption (IAC) movement and was a Core Committee in this seminal movement. When the movement morphed into a political party (Aam Aadmi Party – AAP), he was part of the highest body viz. the National Executive.

In 2015, realizing his inability to continue with politics without compromising his idealism, he quit politics completely.


The 2016 drought of Marathawada and the multiple suicides by farmers led to Mayank starting a rural transformation mission called Global Parli. They selected a cluster of 15 villages in drought-prone Parli tehsil in Beed district of Maharashtra and started working on a 360°developments including water management, economic growth, education, health, social reform, community building etc.

The goal of this mission is to create multiple models of transformation that could be replicated across the country for a better India.

The last 2 years have achieved unprecedented success in transforming the mindset of the people and changing the quality of their lives.

The terrible drought of Marathawada has made Mayank determined to ensure that all the 105 villages of Parli get adequate drinking water for all its birds, animals and humans. He is also working on preparing 10 lakh fruit trees for the entire taluka, so that more rains could be attracted and alternate income source created.


The task of fighting against corruption, that he and many of his colleagues had started, was abandoned when the political party (AAP) was formed and in June 2018, the fight was rejoined.

A group of youth, led by Mayank Gandhi has started the struggle against the misuse and abuse of various benefits that the poorest of the poor are supposed to get in the healthcare and education sector. The team is working on policy level changes, day-to-day injustices and judicial interventions to get admissions to poor in hospitals and free healthcare.

VIA 70

Mayank Gandhi has been a fierce proponent of decentralization of power and had earlier worked on laws and experiments for the same. He has now created an app called VIA 70 for the ward no 70 of Mumbai Municipal Corporation where the citizens can download the same and get complete information on the budget of their area, rate the municipal works and make complaints among other tasks. This is a replicable model that will be scaled up in different urban areas of the country.

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