Activism, Service

Activism, Service

 The choices one makes in life, drives one’s growth towards either evolution, status quo or drop in frequency. For example, like Mike, if one was born at a frequency of 450Hz (which is somewhere in between the lowest frequency of 300 Hz and the highest of 750 Hz) then the choice of use of sattvic (purity) , rajasic (passion or action) or tamasic (inertia or impurity) actions would determine the evolutionary trend. The subset of the actions would be Aahar (food), Vihaar (environment), Achaar (behaviour) and Vichaar (thoughts).

For example, action that promote

1. Egoistic tendencies of I-me-myself, comfort and momentary pleasures would bring down the frequency.
2. Looking after family, business, extended family, success in society would keep the frequency at status quo.
3. Thinking and working for others, searching for truth, God, existence would increase one’s frequency.

So, in our search of higher frequency, in this game of LEELA, what is the extent to which we should go? What is the balance? Where does activism fit in? Can we only live by serving others? Should we take sanyas and leave family and the narrow responsibility of society and dedicate one’s life in search of truth and service to humanity? These questions assail us at all times. I have been thinking of these issues almost every day.

I found the answer to this, as usual in the Vedas. It says “As is the atom, so is the Universe; as is the microcosm, so is the macrocosm; as is the human body, so is the cosmic body; as is the human mind, so is the cosmic mind.” So, let us look at one of the examples of the way nature behaves and learn from it.

A cell in the lung carries out a million reactions every second. In terms of physical and chemical composition and DNA structure, it is exactly the same as a cell in the kidney. But it has intelligence to take its own decisions. Out of the millions of reactions every second, the cell parallely carries out physical and chemical reactions, every second, to look after (1) Its own health and existence (2) Intercellular reactions to maintain the health of the lung (3) Health and operation of the Lungs (4) Health and operation of the Respiratory system and (5) Health and operation of the complete body. Note that it does not take care of one of the facets and then takes up the other. Every second and every microsecond, there is a continuous activity on all aspects of existence – its own and its dependent.

Let us extrapolate it to our lives.

Gagangiri Maharaj, a great yogi, used to say that we have to exist at three planes of consciousness. In the triple mode of consciousness, the person is first aware of his own body-mind system and observes from moment to moment the complex inward processes which are happening inside him. Secondly as he is not a closed being, he is also listening attentively to the world and to the people. He is aware of their individual and collective problems. With a sense of objectivity and detachment coupled with involvement and participation, he can find out relevant solutions to their problems.

Thirdly his uniqueness lies in being aware of the dynamic potentiality of the Other World : the Divine World of Peace, Compassion and Beauty. Through his meditative awareness, he is praying on behalf of the many for bringing Grace and Happiness to all.

Therefore, while we are all looking after ourselves and our family, we need to be engaged with the rest of society. Thus we must get engaged with activism, service to humanity and major reforms. And all these in parallel with the other activities. As a living cell cannot stop one set of reactions , while doing the intercellular ones, we should not just be involved with one’s self or/ and one’s family. We must at all time, be engaged with society and the country trying our utmost to bring in relief and happiness to others. But as Gagangiri Maharaj says “with a sense of objectivity and detachment, coupled with involvement and participation.”

Thus, the more we work for society and the nation, more is our evolutionary growth. Use sattvic actions – pure foods, selfless thoughts and action and engagement or satsanga with good and powerful people.

That is the way one can start going towards winning the game of LEELA.

Article by deepak

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