Anjali’s sms to Gadkari on 14th Aug

Hello Mr Gadkari,
My baba (father) was in RSS and as a kid I had always heard the prayer “Namaste Sada Vatsale Matrubhmi, twayaa Hindu bhoome sukham vardhitoham” The tune, the lyrics so pure..were very close to my heart & I always felt I could do so much because of my principles in life were that of RSS. This morning when I met you, my faith was simply rocked.

How can my opposition party president have such close links with ruling party & WHY? For the sake of business? Are you supposed to do business or be our politician & work for the betterment of my country? Where is
DESH, DESHSEVA ?? Up in thin air? Compromise & seat sharing with NCP? With those who are fleecing the poor, terrorizing the farmers… Why ?

For power? Or for money?

Our RSS prayer used to teach us to bow down to our motherland, to the cause . We prayed to almighty to bless us with purity of character , spiritual bliss & lead this nation to highest pinnacle of glory, Have you forgotten the prayer or you chose to forget?

Today I step down from all
my activities. Step down from the fight against corruption cause this is a hopeless fight. I have nothing more to say… God bless my country
Article by deepak

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