Are politicians like vultures?

A dead body that can get one votes and message the vote bank that one is trying to woo, is a mouth-watering prospect to a politician, especially close to elections. One side will want to create a hype with chest beating in public and the other side will try its utmost to discredit the dead man.
When Gajendra Singh hanged from a tree on 22ndApril 2015 during an AAP rally, Kejriwal and his colleagues continued their political rally. Post his death, we sighted Kejriwal and other leaders of AAP smiling and grinning. No one on the stage was affected.
But the body was sighted and the vultures started hovering. BJP, Congress and others went into overdrive. Judgements were passed, conspiracies were floated and an atmosphere was created. The unrepentant leaders of AAP now started floating stories and whisper campaigns discrediting the farmer. But the heat created by Media, Social Media was intense. Kejriwal had to apologise for damage control. We had that extraordinary spectacle of Ashutosh crying like a small child on National TV – not because he was repenting, but because the other parties were blaming them. The farmer’s young daughter on TV had not just to console him, but request other parties to spare them. It was dramabaazi extraordinary and unprecedented!
Now, a soldier has ended his life by committing suicide. Cong and AAP have started hovering! Remember how we used to get worked up when VIPs went into hospital and disrupted the entire working. Those niceties pale into comparison with political gains. Rahul Gandhi could not stop grinning as he was getting arrested and Shashi Tharoor actually tweeted that this death was the beginning of the revival of Cong. Arvind Kejriwal offered Rs 1 crore to the soldier from Haryana’s family.
BJP has started getting into the past of the soldier and top leaders including VK Singh and Haryana CM are trying to discredit him as a Congress worker, as mentally disturbed and as a corrupt person. Using innuendos, half-truths and lies till there is no clarity about who is right and who isn’t.
There is an undeclared war going on with Pakistan. What impact will this drama have on the brave soldiers fighting with their lives? Who cares? UP and Punjab elections are around the corner – that’s far more important. Human life has lost its value, all that is left is politics.

One more chapter over, political points made. Now on to Najeeb of JNU. The tamasha continues. 
Article by deepak

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