Continuous LEELA – meaning of the Game

Continuous LEELA – meaning of the Game

 All species on the Earth work as per the rules, laws and limitations (maya) of the game. The Grand Design involved billions of years of the game of LEELA operating on cyclic days, years and Yugas. The Creator took the basic raw material of scalar energy. He then slowed this extremely high frequency energy to create the five elements of ether, air, fire, water and earth. These elements then manifested itself into forms. The solar system, earth, plants, birds and animals were created which operated by pre-determined rules.

But the Creator of LEELA has a great sense of humour. He has thrown in some more twists.

The human race was created after all the species of plants, insects, birds and animals were saturated. This human race had more intelligence, more developed nervous system and more eveolved consciousness, compared to the earlier species.

The Creator had designed the game of LEELA to give humans something that it had not given the others – FREE WILL.

Let us continue the story of Mike. Mike is born in this life at an average frequency of 450 Hz. He has the intelligence and the free will to either stay at this frequency or go up or down. Mike will need to use his choices, his intelligence and his free will to decide on his thoughts and actions. While the inexorable flow of events is pulling Mike towards the determined cyclic events – he still has a free will to decide some things in his life. Right now, the flow is evolutionary. The worst point in the Kaliyuga is over and evolution is part of the environment.

What is the extent of determinism and free will ? Let us look at an example. For example, if one was standing up to the waist in the sea, the deterministic waves would be coming and going all the time, depending on the tide, which in turn depended on the moon cycle. Within this movement of the pre determined waves, one still has the choice to push some of the waves away and create a small area where one could create their own temporary ripples. Similarly, the deterministic movement of the inexorable LEELA is like the waves. A human’s free will is only capable of creating temporary ripples in the movement of the LEELA.

Mike has the choice to fine-tune his life and destiny using the three qualities (guna) – Sattva (high frequency or purity), Rajas (Medium frequency or action) and Tamas (Low frequency or inertia. While Mike is born with a certain frequency and characteristics (prakriti) and in a certain environment, he has been given the free will to change both – his prakriti and his environment. And to change, he can use his decisions in the choice of food (aahar), recreation (vihaar), behaviour or demeanour (aachar) and thought (vichaar) (AAHAR- VIHAAR-AACHAR-VICHAAR).

The extent and direction of the change will be determined by Mike’s knowledge and intention. He could have vidya (right knowledge), avidya (lack of knowledge) or kuvidya (false knowledge) and that would determine his actions. If Mike has Vidya, then he would try and increase his frequency by using more of sattva guna, Avidya would drive him to use more of Rajas guna, retaining his present energy while usage of kuvidya would bring in ego, anger, jealousy (tamas) to bring down the frequency.

As mentioned in the earlier blogs, LEELA is a game played at different layers. We are presently at level 8 – the BHUR Loka stage. Like a computer game, players come and play and when they defeat the evil forces or achieve the goals, they go from stage 1 to stage 2 and so on. Mike is like a computer game player. In this Avatar in the Bhur Loka, he has a human body, some free will and an existing prakriti and environment. The LEELA game is designed in a manner that he can use his free will to increase frequency or decrease over many lifetimes.

If Mike has the right vidya or knowledge, he will use sattva and increase his frequency, to go to the next higher levels.

For example, suppose the entry level frequency of Bhur Loka is 300 Hz and Exit level is 800 Hz. Mike is born at 450Hz and then he uses his vidya to increase it in this life time to 600 Hz. Over the next few lifetimes, he goes to a frequency of 850 Hz. Now, Mike does not need to come back and play at the Bhur loka stage 8. But he goes to the next level of the game, stage 9 – BHUVAR Loka. Suppose, he played the game brilliantly and increased his level to 1500 Hz, then he can go straight to level 10 – SVAR Loka, if 2500. then to level 12 – JANA loka and if he could increase it to 3000 Hz, then he would straight away reach the highest game level – Level 14 – SATYA Loka.

So, the speed of evolution in LEELA depends on Mike and his free will.

Suppose, Mike did not have the right knowledge. He had avidya or kuvidya. Then he would make choices which uses more of tamas. That would bring down his frequency. And he can fall down to the next lower level, the 7th one – ATALA Loka, or maybe right down to the lowest level – PATALA Loka.

That is the game of LEELA. The usage of the three gunas to go up and down the levels of existence.

So, let us look at LEELA one more time.

One is given a certain prakruti or starting frequency and an environment. Within the environment and nature are embedded various guides (gurus), energy modules, books, scriptures, high energy people, temples, high energy places, yantra, tantra, mantras, Gods, Rishis and thousands of similar tools. One has to use one’s intelligence and knowledge to recognise them, and then use them. Lead life of sattva gunas while indulging in aahar-vihaar- aachar and vichaar. That will propel the growth.

Article by deepak

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