Delhi Chalo – the war for India

When I read that Arvind Kejriwal declared that he will stand against Sheila Dixit in the November Delhi elections, I got charged up. What daring, what disregard to power and personal victory ! He has chosen not to play safe like others but to lead from the front. This is independent India’s biggest Dharma yuddh. A veritable war with a small band of honest, daring patriots taking on the hydra headed corrupts. A war for the future of our motherland.
The excitement did not allow me to sleep and I sent a message to Arvind late that night showing my willingness to leave everything and join the war. How could my consciousness allow me to live a normal life with my family, work and day-to-day issues in Mumbai when the battlefield was in Delhi? Next morning I talked to my family and clients and asked their permission to be stationed in Delhi.
I reached Delhi and went to stay in a hotel. The peon working in the hotel saw my AAP badge and asked me if he could have it and what was my relation with AAP. Once I told him that I was part of AAP, he was so excited, came to drop me in the room and asked if he could just see Arvind. The cleaner of the room found out that I was with AAP and told me that he was an ardent supporter of AAP. When I went down all auto rickshaw drivers waiting outside the hotel asked me for AAP badges and newsletters.
I have brought my car from Mumbai and while driving to the Kausumbhi office, I was stopped by a traffic constable for not having LPG entry in the RC book. He saw the AAP stickers and asked if I was connected to the party. He then called 4 of his superiors who were on the road and all came with me with folded hands asking me to convey their regards to Arvind. In the evening, we drove through a red light by mistake and another traffic constable stopped us. Seeing we were with AAP, he said that he will charge only Rs 100. Soon, he changed his mind, pushed the 100 Re note in my pocket and said “How can I take money from Kejriwal’s people?”. He warned me not to repeat the offence and let me go.
Amazing undercurrent of support from the poorest of the poor. I must have talked to over a hundred workers, drivers and others and all, save none, were in favour of Arvind. I felt that I was caught in the epicenter of a revolution.
Then when Arvind told me that our internal survey shows victory for AAP in 45-47 seats out of 70 seats, it confirmed my intuition that something magical was indeed going to happen. BJP’s internal survey shows 8 confirmed seats and Congress’ survey shows 23 seats for them.
Congress has targeted AAP only. BJP seem relegated to the distant third. When someone put AAP hoardings, they were removed overnight. Thousands of illegal hoardings of Congress and BJP banners and hoardings abound in Delhi. When Kumar Vishwas and Sanjay Singh went to meet the PWD minister asking why only AAP banners are removed, they were told by the Minister that “You do politics your way and we will do politics in our way”. AAP has put up posters behind innumerable Auto Rickshaws and the drivers are penalized and posters torn. We approached the Delhi HC which opined that it is perfectly legal to fix posters, but the removal continues unabated. So, when Kumar and Sanjay met the relevant minister and reminded that what the corporation was doing was contempt of court , he arrogantly said “So what? Go and complain to the court”. A cozy CongBJPbhaibhai relationship is comfortable for both as they loot the nation. But if AAP wins, all the corrupt practices will have to cease and going to jail of the looters is a real possibility. They are petrified.
The Congress has hit back in a most violent manner. When our members went to protest against the refusal of police to register FIR in a rape case, our volunteers were beaten black and blue by the police. Our senior volunteer of Lalitpur was run over by a car, again and again by the son of the local Congress leader, till he died. And finally, one of finest volunteer and candidate for Seemapuri constituency Santosh Koli was knocked down by a speeding car in what we think was a deliberate attempt to murder.
Friends, there is lot of work to be done. Delhi is calling, our responsibility is calling, a wonderful opportunity to serve our motherland is calling. Let us not be found wanting.
We need volunteers from NOW. Please come to Delhi at the earliest. You may come to stay till the elections, or you may come for a week or ten days at a time. Whatever your skill sets, everyone is needed. The second war of independence has begun.
You may contact 08588833528 (Abhisekh) for your lodging and boarding arrangements. Dr Munish Raizada  09873703054 (neonatal Surgeon from Chicago) along with me is handling the volunteer management.
By the last election, I had felt that we had no hopes of victory for honest politics. Vote buying, criminals and religious and caste politics had increased. But the Anna movement  and the awareness has opened a window for honest politics. Let us use this election to begin the process to overthrow the corrupt and give power to the real owners of this nation – the Aam Aadmi.

It surely is a DO or DIE battle for our future. India can wait no more!
Article by deepak

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