Energy, desire and activism

Energy, desire and activism

 As I continue the series on LEELA – the game of existence, let me quote a passage from the “The Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramhansa Yogananda

”In reality there is nothing inexplicable about materialization. The whole cosmos is a materialized thought of the Creator. This heavy, earthly clod, floating in space, is a dream of God. He made all things out of His consciousness. God first created the earth as an idea. Then He quickened it; energy atoms came into being. He coordinated the atoms into this solid sphere. All its molecules are held together by the will of God. When He withdraws His will, the earth again will disintegrate into energy. Energy will dissolve into consciousness; the earth-idea will disappear from objectivity.”

We are all parts of the creation as well as part of the Creator of this complex game of existence – LEELA. While the game is being played as per the rules and parameters designed by the Creator (which we may call destiny), we are given a bit of free will to make alterations in the game too. The amount of change that we can make is directly proportional to the desire and energy that we impart.

The free will allows us some power for amendments, changes and events in the flow of determinism. Today, let us look at the process to make these changes.

Events happen due to Iccha-shakti ( desire and energy).

Desire is the motivation that lies behind every action, the power and energy that causes all movement. Desire incites men to make the most incredible efforts. For example most events in your life can be sourced to desire – desire to be a doctor, engineer, businessman etc. One puts one’s energy behind the same to make it happen. The scale of the event will depend on the energy imparted to the craving.

Let us look specifically at the aspiration to better the lives of the people of the nation. The desire for the same leads many of us to get involved in activities that echo our thoughts, idea, values and inspirations. That is ACTIVISM. How can we do it in the best possible manner? What are the mechanics of effective activism? How can we harness desire and energy to be most successful in the task that we have undertaken?


Convergence: If the desire is general or diffused ( India should be a great country / we must remove corruption / politicians should be hanged) then one cannot impart any energy towards a specific path. A source of light that is diffused cannot achieve good result, but if it is focussed into a single point like a laser beam, then one can end up doing some of the most complex operations with that energy. Similarly, our desire should be focussed on a single point agenda.

Therefore for the movement of the “India against Corruption”, it was the single point agenda of the Jan Lokpal Bill, which converged all the energies of lakhs of people and led to the capitulation of the Government by accepting the formation of the joint committee. So, the more specific demand – the more convergence.

Intensity: Secondly, the craving should be intense. The more intense the desire, the more chances of the success. When the entire nation demands the Jan Lokpal bill, the cumulative intensity of the yearning will make it more possible for the successful outcome.


The conversion of desire into event is primarily due to energy. Energy is also of many types – the low frequency energy – physical, the middle frequency energy – intellectual and the high frequency energy – selflessness. When energy of the higher magnitude which is fuelled by thoughts of love for the nation, seva (selfless service), renunciation, sacrifice is used, the desire has more chance of being fructified. Energy of millions of people focussed on a specific agenda helps.

Example of Icha- shakti:

When one goes to a temple and prays for a specific outcome, we get it many-a-times. The reason for success is because one has a specific demand, an intense desire and one is praying for it in a high energy setup. This energy setup could be higher in a temple because a temple is architectured in a manner that the energy ricochets inside the dome, the symbols of fire, sounds of the bells, the shape of the building, the connection of the bells (Golden temple has a gold covering as gold is a good conductor of energy and the main bell is directly connected to the golden dome), the energy of so many positive vibrations and prayers, the energy of the idol (which is established by prana-pratisthan or energy transmission), the planetary position on certain days etc.

Therefore, for example, on a Tuesday if one asks for something in a Siddhi Vinayak Mandir, there are many instances when the desires have been fulfilled and we believe that God or Ganapati idol did the same. Also walking barefoot or rolling on the ground or promising something in return for the fulfilment of the desire, intensifies the desire. And what works is the concentration of demand and the focus or single pointedness of the desire. But all this would be nothing, without the requisite energy. Therefore it is the iccha- shakti which materialises the desire and we credit God or the idol or the temple for the same.

Article by deepak

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