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Yesterday – PMO called up many newspaper heads / editors / reporters and told them that PM had asked to meet Anna Hazare.

After that a time has been decided to meet the PM on Monday evening 7th March at 7pm along with 7 other senior members of IAC.

IAC has decided to continue, nay, intensify the movement to pressurize the government to pass the Jan Lokpal Bill in an indiluted form

Annaji has sent a press release yesterday (the 3rd March ’11) with the following details

Statement of Anna Hazare on Media Reports that he has been invited by the PMO

It is not surprising that the media is breaking more than news. Today, we have been told by the media that the PM has invited me for a talk whenever I am in Delhi next and to take back my decision to go on fast.

We did get a call from PMO asking me when I would come to Delhi next. They assumed that was a good enough way of telling me that I have been invited for a talk on Jan Lokpal Bill. I have been in public life for more than 40 years now. If I am being treated in this casual and “unprofessional” manner, what would happen to the million of citizens who are desperately knocking on the doors of the Prime Minister for the delivery of basic justice. It is hurting to say the very least.

I would also like to place on record the fact that scores of our letters written to the PM earlier have remained unacknowledged. To cite a few, letters dated October 26, November 14, December 1, January 28, January 30 and February 2 sent by India Against Corruption to the Prime Minister were not responded to. When Swami Agnivesh met the PM last week and enquired about these letters, PMO could locate those letters with great difficulty. The Prime Minister acknowledged that the letters had not even been placed before him. It is worrisome that letters are placed so selectively before him that only letters of threat of a fast get PMO’s attention.

We would be very happy to have a discussion with the PM if we are intimated a date and time, mutually convenient to all of us. We should also be intimated the agenda of the same. “

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