God is a computer programmer- Part 2

God is a computer programmer- Part 2


The hypothesis that I present here for a new worldview on existence is an extremely rational and logical explanation based on empirical evidences and cutting edge experiments. It would be diametrically opposite to all that one has read, heard or believed in for all one’s life. If read with an open mind, it can alter one’s concepts of life, God, religion and everything that is profound in your life. A world view that could challenge the perspectives built over generations, faith, traditions and social life. Old traditions, views and practices builds a groove in one’s mind map, making it very difficult to remove the impressions built over decades.
It is my earnest request to focus the search light of reason and logic before accepting or rejecting this theory. If I can create a sliver of doubt in the minds of the readers and make them read and think more about this alternative worldview, then I would have achieved my objective.
Like the illiterate mathematics genius Srinivasan Ramanujam who found mathematics equations through intuition, I got my understanding of Truth and Reality during my automatic meditational trance. I received the answers to my questions (1) Who am I? (2) What is existence? (3) What is my role in existence? And (4) How best do I play that role, NOT by way of deep and detailed study or by a brick-by-brick building of a theory. Ramanujam got the answers to maths problems in a vision and then had to work backwards to find the basis of the answer. Similarly, my understanding of Reality came during these meditational trances, or as Ramanujam calls it, through “Words of  God”.
To validate that these answers were authentic and not figments of imaginations or mind games, I started research and studies to validate and verify the intuitive or subjective knowledge that I gained. The process was top-down rather than bottoms-up.
So, let us begin this journey into the unknown. Use the beacon of reason to explore a completely new perspective. For more information, google “Simulated Reality” and read articles and scholarly writings on the subject. You could also watch videos on you tube.
God is a computer programmer – part 2

A few decades back, computer games were very basic like a Pacman, Motor racing etc. Today, we are playing computer simulation games that are extremely sophisticated and complex. The transformation in the complexity of the games is due to two reasons – one, increasing level of computational speed and two, demand and creation of a high level of interactive games.
I would like to introduce you to a genre of online computer games called Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG). This is a genre of games that is  played online in the computer by a massive number (millions in some cases) of players taking on roles or avatars simultaneously.
Player : A player joins the game by selecting an avatar or character that will be part of the online computer game. While selecting an Avatar, he can individualise and give it important characteristics to make the avatar unique. So, the player is offered various options of characteristics (some games have over 120 different options) from which he has to select.  Some of the choices that he has to make is – proportion of each element from the five elements (air, fire, water, earth or ether), decision which brain cortex is more developed, whether he is strong or intelligent, whether hot headed or calm, whether family oriented or fighting for the team etc etc.
Millions of people join this game, each of them simultaneously creating an avatar for themselves. These avatars can enter the game from anywhere in the world. These millions of avatars play the game, engage with each other in a dynamic environment that keeps on changing and evolving – every micro-second.
The avatars are given the power of choice, intelligence and free will.
Image result for matrix brain
The players 
Image result for choice of avatars
The Avatar
Background : This computer game uses the five elements as well as the four forces of nature to create a fascinating and dynamic environment. The ever-expanding Universe beginning with the Big Bang and the formation of the various heavenly bodies, the earth, the inhabitation of the Earth with slowing down of the gases to form solids, the beginning of living beings starting with plants, insects, fish, birds, animals and finally mammals, all connected with each other in a wonderful pattern becomes the background of the game.
Related image
The maya or the matrix
Design : The laws of nature and parameters of the Universe take on values that are consistent with conditions for life of the avatar rather than a set of values that would not be consistent with its existence as observed on Earth. If, for example- the electrical force between the electrons, the range of temperature of the sun, air pressure, gravity, the dance of the helium and carbon nuclei, the natural calamities like earthquakes, rising water levels, volcanic activity etc. did not lie within a certain range, the avatars would die. Similarly, within the microcosm – if there was a slightest difference in an organism at the chemical, genetic, cellular, tissue, organ or system level – life would not exist.
Everything is beautifully balanced. The level of oxygen, nitrogen and other gases, the oxygen and nitrogen cycles, the water cycle, the cyclic nature of life, day, seasons and years. The gravitational force that makes us live on earth and for the earth to rotate and revolve. The brilliantly designed Universe with its millions of solar bodies.
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The macro design
Image result for super string
To the micro (super string)
Intelligence: While accepting that the microcosm has the same intent as the macrocosm, I would like to give just few examples of the purposeful intelligence of the game.
·         The avatar playing through the human body consisting of 10 trillion cells, each of them receiving thousands of signals every second in the form of proteins and molecules.

• A cell in the lung, for example, has its own intelligence to receive and process the millions of signals, convert them into chemical reactions which are appropriate for its cellular regeneration, propagation, functioning of the lungs, functioning of the respiratory system and the health of the body to create conditions for existence and prosperity of all its parts. A cell in the kidney with exactly the same physical characteristics of the lung cell would perform different chemical functions appropriate for its role.

• There seems to be a capacity to make choices operating inside each cell in our body, down to the level of individual proteins and enzymes. DNA itself is a kind of “text” that functions through a coding system called “genetic code,” which is strikingly similar to codes used by human beings. Some enzymes edit the RNA transcript of the DNA text and add new letters to it; any error made during this editing can be fatal to the entire organism; so these enzymes are consistently making the right choices; if they don’t, something often goes wrong leading to cancer and other diseases.

• Luther Burbank worked on the cells of cacti to demonstrate its innate intelligence “While I was conducting experiments to make ‘spineless’ cacti,” he continued, “I often talked to the plants to create a vibration of love. ‘You have nothing to fear,’ I would tell them. ‘You don’t need your defensive thorns. I will protect you.’ Gradually the useful plant of the desert emerged in a thornless variety.” 
·         As so on and so forth
Game : What a brilliant game !
The avatars do not just have interaction and engagement with the other human avatars in the game but everything else in the Universe – rock, soil, plants, fish, birds, insects and animals. All of these are bound by separate rules and characteristics. Then, there are pet animals and birds that can interact much closer with human avatars. All these living beings including human avatars have a pre-determined life-death cycle. All parts of the environment and avatar are connected at the source level. In the next few blogs, we will go deeper into the game aspect.
Image result for mmorpg games
A typical MMORPG

Imagine: Do check some of the MMORPG games on the internet to understand the level of the computer simulation that is prepared right now, with extraordinary graphics and virtual reality. Now imagine the level of MMORPG that a computer programmer can create in the next 10000 years? Don’t you think that a good programmer can make OUR Universe with humans? Can they not create an environment based on the five elements and the four fundamental forces that is similar to our Universe?
Elon Musk says “There is a one in a billion chance that we are NOT living in a computer Simulation.”
But :  But, this is just a hypothesis. Where is the hard evidence, proofs and findings that establish that our Universe is a computer simulation?
Next time we shall look at some of the evidences, proofs to establish that we “exist in a computer simulation”. We shall also look at the recent findings of quantum physics and see if our hypothesis fits its findings.
I will end with an interesting hymn from the Rig Veda (the oldest Veda). It says that there was nothing till an idea or desire manifested itself into existence. Gods were then created by the avatars of this manifestation. So, man created God. This “Nasadiya Suktam” or the hymn of Creation seems as if it was written about a Computer Programmer, getting ready to create the game of life.
There was neither non-existence nor existence then.
There was neither the realm of space nor the sky which is beyond.
What stirred?
There was no distinguishing sign of night nor of day. 
That One breathed, windless, by its own impulse. 
 Other than that there was nothing beyond.
Desire came upon that One in the beginning, 
that was the first seed of mind. 
Poets seeking in their heart with wisdom 
found the bond of existence and non-existence.
Their cord was extended across. 
Was there below? 
Was there above? 
There were seed-placers, there were powers. 
There was impulse beneath, there was giving forth above.
Who really knows? 
Who will here proclaim it? 
Whence was it produced? 
Whence is this creation? 
The gods came afterwards, with the creation of this universe. 
Who then knows whence it has arisen?
Whence this creation has arisen –
perhaps it formed itself, or perhaps it did not – 
the One who looks down on it, 
in the highest heaven,
only He knows 
or perhaps even He does not know.”
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Article by deepak

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