How to resurrect AAP

With the Congress doing badly and Modi surging like never before, there never has been a more appropriate time for a party like the  Aap with all its original principles on the National scene.

For that to happen, what are the steps that need to be taken?

1. Kejriwal should immediately go and meet Yogendra Yadav and request/plead with him to come back to Aap as the National Convenor. He will have to let go of all ego and all national ambitions.

2. Aap should call a National Convention and AK should submit his resignation and hand over charge to YY to reconstitute a fresh NE and PAC. He should profusely apologise to all members and supporters for some of the ill-thought decisions taken. He should work on governance only and not on organization.

3. In the PAC, instead of just NCR based members, the team should be the best talent from across the country. Old members should be persuaded to join. Policy for one-man-one-post should be made.

4. AK should continue with his cabinet as CM in Delhi but should hold no position in party structure. He must stop talking too much and focus on good governance. Power brokers should be kept away. Sanjay singh’s role should only be to represent party in Rajya Sabha.

5. YY and his team should travel all over the country and appoint teams for each state and districts. After a period, internal elections should be held. Local leaders should be empowered to take up key responsibilities to build the organisation from scratch.

6. Should not fight state elections anywhere except Delhi, in the initial years, till a certain team strength is built . Start by fighting small – Zilla parishad and municipal elections. Age and time are on our side, wisdom lies in building the party and the nation step-by-step after great deliberations and without compromising on principles.

7. Strong measures must be put in place to ensure that wrong-doers are penalised and merit based, capable and honest people are given the space to grow and occupy decision making space. Merit, not loyalty, should be the way towards growth in the party.

8. Leadership should be made up of people who have the guts, courage of conviction and the ability to work as equals in group dynamics. Those with contrary opinions should be treated as allies rather than adversaries. Leadership should be of equals with someone being projected as the first among equals.

9. A two-tier Internal Lokpal (the first tier to check the veracity of the complaint against MLAs and senior partymen prima facie and a three member Lokpal to investigate and give their judgment)

10. Reinstate the donor list on the party website. Start asking for donation. Many will give.

11. Reaffirm our internal ideology
a. Participatory working
b. Accountability
c.  Transparency
d. Decentralization of decision making
e. Integrity in all dealings.

12. Create our national principles
1. Do what is good for the nation – no isms (neither capitalism, nor socialism, nor communism, neither leftism nor rightism)
2. No truck with any of the mainstream parties(Bjp / Cong)
3. No minority appeasement nor majoritarianism. Law of land in dealing fairly with all. More…..

13. Speak to media in matured, measured, balanced and objective manner. The aim should not be to attract media attention by negative and exaggerated stories. Media should be compelled to approach us by our work.

14. Be the voice of the needy, the farmers, the workers and all those who are not heard in the country. But be a balanced and honest voice.

15. Most of all, create an agenda for alternative politics. Power will come as long as the party continues to work hard and ethically. It must always be kept in mind that Nation first, party next and individuals last.

Finally, there is no shortcut to Nation Building.


Article by deepak

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