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I joined India against corruption, a movement to fight against corruption and quit my well paying job for the same on 12th August 2011. If I was corrupt, would I be stupid enough to do that?
In March 2012, there was an article in Mumbai alleging that I had used my NGO to benefit a construction company. It disturbed me, because there was no merit in it. Other newspapers and TV channels tried to go deep into it, but could not find much merit in it, though some media did pick up and wrote some things about it. I have led a life of great personal integrity, even going to extreme actions where honesty is concerned. So, the clouds of allegations against me was disturbing.
In August, when Anjali exposed the irrigation scandal, like me, newspaper articles surfaced against her, again full of lies. She was equally disturbed and we had a talk with Arvind that these are just scandalous articles and if no one complains, then we will be living a life with allegations against us. Luckily, Arvind decided to form an internal lokpal against us and we welcomed it. I was specially delighted because the complaint against me had gone cold and if there was no lokpal, I would have to live with that allegations without any chance to disprove it.
The Lokpal was made up of Justice AP Shah, Justice (Retd)BH Marlapalli and Justice (Retd) Jaspal Singh and Arvind announced that in 3 months time, the findings will be published. Unfortunately, due to the tremendous media attention or paucity of time, the 3 judges recused themselves. It took AAP another many months to create a new Lokpal consisting of Justice Bhagwati Sharma, Admiral Ramdas and Ileana Sen.
The Lokpal was presented the complaints against us in terms of newspaper articles. They refused to consider that as proper complaints, arguing (justifiably) that there are thousands of articles and if they take cognisance of each article, they will never end. They insisted that a formal complaint with affidavit be made for them to process. They also mandated that they will only take complaints against National Executive members.
Fortunately, someone complained against me on 25.01.2013 and point of allegations against me on 28th Feb 2013. I was asked to explain my stand by 11th March 2013 which I did on 10th March 2013. My answer was sent to the complainant for his rebuttal. I am now awaiting the judgement by the honorable Lokpal.
I have the highest respect for the Lokpal, as they have an unsullied reputation of having served the nation and I will respect the judgement. I have taken a stand that if the hon’ble Lokpal finds any fault of mine, even moral or technical, i will leave the national executive, AAP and public life. No excuse, no questioning. I have submitted myself completely to the honesty and eminence of the excellent Lokpal that the party has selected.
As far as Anjali Damania is concerned, she too is paying the price for fighting for the nation against the corrupt. There has been no complaint against her. I beseech all readers to kindly make a proper complaint against her so that it can be taken up. She has not been a part of the National Executive and therefore her case cannot be taken up the Lokpal.
On 9th March, Kejriwal in a TV show said that Anjali Damania is not the executive member of the party. Parallely, unknown to him, we had a 4 day Maharashtra Session in Mumbai where people from all 35 districts came. We elected Anjali Damania as the Convenor of Maharashtra. We informed the decision to the National Executive on the 12th. All documents / emails can be shown on the dates. So, neither did Arvind lie nor me.
I am personally uncomfortable with the delay in the Lokpal issue and hope that it will get resolved. I cannot intervene nor ask. I can only wait. Once I sent my reply, I felt that the results will come out soon and hence hoped that in 15 days’ time, it would come out. I am sure there is a good reason for the delay and our report would come out soon.
This is the truth as I know. Some of my friends will attack even this, but it is their way of functioning and I respect that.
By the way, anyone can please file complain against me in the police, CID, CBI or whichever forum they have confidence in. We are thorns in the side of the Maharashtra Govt and specially Ministers like Ajit Pawar, Chaggan Bhujbal and Sunil Tatkare. If we had any weaknesses or corruption cases, do you think they would have let us go?
Article by deepak

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