Leela – the game of life

Leela – the game of life

 In this weekend writing, let me continue with the playful mood and look at existence as “LEELA”. LEELA means ‘game’ or ‘past time’ or ‘play’ or ‘sport’.

This game is created and designed by someone. We can only speculate about Who created the game or Why was this created. But we can surely try and comprehend the “What” of this leela. This LEELA is like a brilliantly planned, self – organized and self sustaining computer game. We, humans, are just playing one of the major roles. The logic of the game is based on rigid, immutable laws, principles and has a cyclic periodicity.

At any given time, there are 14 stages of the game going on – starting with the world or loka of least consciousness called the Patala loka, followed by Rasatala loka, followed by Mahatala, Talatala, Sutala, Vitala, Atala lokas. The stage 8, which is Bhur loka is where humans in the form that we recognise are part of this complex game. As humans get moksha they graduate to the higher frequency worlds called (9) Bhuvar – loka (10) Svar – loka (11) Mahar loka (12) Jana Loka (13) Tapa loka and the highest (14) Satya loka. It is from Bhur Loka that humans can catapult themselves to the higher lokas, depending on the escape velocity of their frequency at the time of their physical death.

All creation is a mixture of the five elements – ether, air, fire, water and the earth. These five elements are actually just frequencies of energy that have coalesced into these five forms. Decrease of frequency can convert air into liquid and more densification can convert into solid (example : water vapour to water to ice).

So, let us look at this stage in the LEELA game and break it up into phases:

Phase 1 -Solar System :

The Bhurloka stage of game begins 13.6 billion years ago with the creation of the solar system through a BIG BANG or explosion of the “hiranyagarbh” or “bindu”. As it exploded, the space it encompassed started expanding and continues doing so even till today. As the gases started solidifying, masses of solidified celestial bodies started forming. These solidified celestial bodies have laws of thermodynamics and gravity wields a certain influence on each of the components of existence. The movement of these bodies in the solar system has an impact on the behaviour and reaction of other parts of this game (example : (1) The effect of the moon on the tides and the water element in human bodies and (2) the complete science and study of the impact of the solar system on a human being (Astrology). The cyclic movements of the solar system would impact humans and others beings in a cyclic manner.

Phase 2 – Earth:

After a few billions years, within the Universe in this LEELA game, started the formation of the earth or BHURLOKA (stage 8). This earth is the location which is the setting of LEELA and where we are the participants. Like everything else, it has a set of the five elements densified into materials.

As in the solar system, the range of the elements is always within a certain set of range. For example, the temperature of the atmosphere is varying between minus 40 degrees to a maximum of 55 degrees, atmospheric pressure is also within a certain range, amount of oxygen does not become less than a certain level nor more than a certain percentage of air. The entire atmosphere and environment is controlled by some immutable laws like the law of gravity or the laws of thermodynamics etc. So, everything is well structured and intelligently planned in the LEELA.

But the Creator has a wierd sense of humour. As a twist in the game, some of the elements might play crazy – the air element may create hurricane, the fire element could explode volcanoes, the earth element would create earthquakes and along with the water element create tsunamis. The water element could create huge storms in the sea and along with the earth create avalanches. But mark you, all of this also is within a range. For example, the earthquake in Japan was 8.9 reichter, when it would well has been 12 or 15. The wind could have a velocity upto 180 kms/ hr, when it could be 300….similarly, the LEELA game specifies that while the elements go crazy for a while- it would still be in a certain range, else the set would be completely destroyed.

Phase 3 – Creation:

Having created the background of the universe and the earth, it needs to fill in stuff in the earth. So, LEELA uses the five elements to create various materials filling them with increased levels of consciousness to make it more and more exciting. The creation starts with the creation of rocks, stones and earth (physical world). This continues for a few billion years and once it gets saturated, the world of plants with increasing amount of consciousness, intelligence and complexity starts getting created till that got saturated too. Next creation was the animal world with the creation of the first cell with nuclei which evolved into worms, insects, birds, animals and mammals with more and more consciousness. Thus as the consciousness increased – it led to more intellectual ability, more complex brain structure, more sophisticated and sensitive nervous and other system. Now, the stage in this version of the game is set for the human race.

Phase 4 – Human creation:

This stage after a few billion years is the most interesting and exciting one in the LEELA game. The creator is now making the creation more and more complex and intelligent. Hence, after the formation and saturation of the animal kingdom, the first vestige of the human race starts getting visible. From apes to homo sapiens, the evolution of humans over centuries creates players who can play the game well. The homo sapiens’ consciousness has increased with increase of intelligence and sensitivity. One can find higher size of brain, intellect and more complex nervous system in modern man than the pre historic one. For the first time, the Creator has given some right of impacting the game to the human race.

More in next weekend’s blog

Article by deepak

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