Lockdown diaries: When one door closes, another opens! Jyotsana Sharma

When one door closes, another opens! 
Jyotsana Sharma
Extraordinary problems often need unusual solutions. We all are in the same boat in this trying time. We can’t step out and can’t let anybody in either. But, isn’t this the perfect time to look within? It is not easy to not think about the problem at hand. But, there are a lot of creative ways to divert our energies. 
Don’t we still have the freedom to connect to each other, share our experiences, laugh, rekindle old memories? In fact, we have been given an opportunity to re-live our old lives which we so dearly miss. We often say, those were the days. Now, it is time to feel the same joy. Most of us have plenty of time and plenty of work too. Because, we are all functioning without house helps, it is the best time to spend quality time and help your spouses in the kitchen. 
Either we can go crazy, listing out the things we cannot do or we can make the best use of it by listing out the things which we should do. So, I decided to make a bucket list of things I would rather do, than sulk
1. To call my old friends and relatives who I often think of calling but could not connect with so far.
2. To listen to love songs of Hemant Da and Lata Mangeskar.  
3. Binge watch on my favourite shows because most of them are live on Doordarshan right now. Everything from Ramayan to Mahabharat; Byomkesh Bakshi to Shaktimaan and even Dekh Bhai Dekh is being re telecasted right now on Doordarshan. 
4. Paint a few canvases and let my creative ideas take shape. 
5. Experiment with a few dishes and hone my culinary skills. Especially because cooking is my first love!
6. Spend more time with my daughter. She has just entered her 10th class and what better time to help her mentally prepare for it. We already share a great bond, and this time will only help strengthen it further. 
7. Revisit old photos and albums. My daughter had a good laugh seeing my childhood picture the other day. 
8. Read new books
9. Start the day right with yoga and meditation. Make some time for your own body. 
10. Let your inner Marie Kondo rise and help you organise your home, redo the storage space and even give a fresh look to your closet.
11. Spend quality time with my plants. Indulge in some green therapy.
Well, the list is endless, but here are a few highlights that might help you take up a few pointers too. You could start a book club, take up a new hobby and even begin focusing on your health. 
What I also find amusing is how as kids we used to hang out on terraces and had a conversation with our neighbours on the terrace and I can see those things, to my delight, happening again. It makes us feel like a community. No one is alone.
Old games are back, people have started playing quarantine- Antaksari. Self Hygiene is another learning out of this crisis. Washing hands, maintaining a certain distance from people and sanitising our near about is a welcome step. I hope we continue it post COVID too.
There are a lot of things which you can do only during these 21 days. Your perspective and vision can turn it into blissful moments. People have become conscious over their health and resorted to healthy diet and healthy lifestyle. What if this becomes our habit? They say it takes 21 days for taking up a new habit. Let us decide on one that we can take up. We have started appreciating sunlight, blooming of a flower, chirping of birds, life going slow and I hope we all come out as winners after this crisis. We are all healing, one day at a time. Don’t lose the spirit! 
Article by deepak

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