Make India great – by Ashit Thaker

In most of ways, governance, peoples conduct, politics, leadership , social behavior, justice system,
distribution of wealth, Human development index, population below poverty line, under nourished
children, primary health care, primary education, etc , we are at the bottom of the ladder as per
world standard. Or even our own standard. Our work culture , attitude, lack of commitment ,
integrity makes me sadly feel that we are a failed race a failed nation. Because knowing it deep
within that we can do much better.

In contrast two things strike out : our religious and spiritual faith and our flexibility to adopt to

In ancient times ( golden age between 4th and 12th century) India had a cultural and trade reach
and influence on a large part of the world including china, Tibet, Afghanistan. Much bigger caves
then Ajanta are dotted in the erstwhile silk route. There were Hindu and buddhist kingdoms in
Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia. All our influence was without force and bloodshed for
which we are all proud.

Most of the Indian kings and princes cared for their subjects. Nalanda university is know as the
worlds first global university where many students came from distant lands.

Not to forget the knowledge of our Rishi’s, muni’s, Ayurveda ( oldest medical system know to
mankind ) .The greatness of the knowledge of the vedas. Astronomy, Astrology, philosophers.
Few nations are blessed with such rain fall, rivers, coast’s, sunshine, fertile land . Then, What is it
that we are missing in not being a rich developed nation or atleast a country with high standard of
living. What does a Usa , Uk, Switzerland , japan, Sweden, Austria , Luxembourg or newzealand have that we lack. The 10 most happiest nations are not military powers but they have a few things in
common. Negligible corrupt politicians, very low pollution, law abidance and high morality of the
citizens , high Health care spend by the Government both in terms of per capita and GDP. Most of
these countries have an high education spend by the Government. This countries also score high in
the index of ease of doing business. India stands at about 63rd ranking.

India scores high on production of milk , vegetables, cereals , pulses and certain fruits.
Now knowing our history and certain facts of present day world how do we start to improve the
lives of the millions and restore our glory with the principle of vasudaiva kutumbakam. Without
going in to the micro economics part but a change that is required as seen as an thinking, observing
citizen , the following needs to be done :-

(1) First the politicians have to understand and accept that they are not rulers but servants of
the country and act accordingly . All super privileges to be withdrawn. Citizens say and
checks to continue even after electing representatives.

(2) Even prior to health care, education needs to be given government funding : we need to
built a character of an citizen , which starts from child hood . an country of people with a
character and empathy is far more important then just intelligence. It is the lack of character
in many an civil / public servant that allows the political masters to govern them or be
corrupt. A strong character will hopefully help a person to not be corrupt. Whether it is an
individual or a public /civil servant.
Basic schooling be supported to make a person minimum literate .

(3) Whether a daily wage earner or a millionaire all must pay taxes proportionate to their
income. This is necessary to give minimum social security in retirement age and health /
housing support.

(4) Institutions and systems genuinely be out of political influence. Once again unless there is
an character of a person all individuals will be serving their political masters

(5) Most important there should be a total revamp of the judicial system . There is practically
no justice now . it is not worth being a citizen when an law abiding person does not get
justice in time which is just not possible now. Keeping a judicial vacancy by the Govt also a crime and any case has to be judged in a given time . The system is heavily in favour of wrong doers and criminals.

(6) “Gurur brahma gurur devo” whether it is Guru Gopinath teaching pv sindhu or coach
achrekar teaching sachin Tendulkar there are many Dhronacharya’s who can train lakhs of
Arjun’s. whether in sports or science or arts. The right pay and recognition is necessary for a
teacher including the primary schools of villages. The future citizen of India’s first learning
starts from this schools.

We have learnt in this recent corona crisis that extraordinary measures whether on
economic, health, social ( democratic ) restrictions can be decided in urgency. The super
military powers can be utilized for civilian support. People in India can form a queue.

To help the poor and needy red tapism can be beaten. The departments of government if
they want can perform their task super efficiently.

The question is why only in a crisis . If all the above happens in routine just imagine the
transformation the nation can go throw. We can truly achieve “ Jaha dal dal pe sone ki
chidya kare basera who bharat desh hai mera “

Ashit Thaker

Article by deepak

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