More Leela – birth of Mike

More Leela – birth of Mike

 This writings in the series of LEELA, is probably the more important ones that I have written. While it is written in a playful, tongue-in-cheek style – it is my complete understanding of existence.

The LEELA game of existence that I described in the last blog is now getting more and more complex. After the Big Bang, the formation of the Solar system, the earth and the introduction of life force, the humans have started appearing, Over millions of years, each generation is evolving into more complex and more intelligent human beings.

Let me reiterate – we are all energy bodies. When the energy or the prana withdraws from the human body, physical death takes place. The energy that can never be created nor destroyed changes form after that. This energy that withdraws from the body becomes part of the space energy, but stays together as a unit.

Today, we will assume some names and numbers for simpler understanding of an extremely complex process. Let us assume that there is an energy body or unit in space. Let us call this player in the game of LEELA – Mike. This Mike, like everyone in existence, is an energy body. This energy is an electromagnetic scalar energy, which cannot be measured using normal equipments, as scalar energy does not have direction, but only magnitude. Energy cannot be destroyed nor created, but can change form. Mike’s energy slows down and speeds up and thus changes form. Mike’s energy or prana has left its earlier physical body before many, many years and is now in space.

Mike’s energy body is of a frequency range between 300 Hz to 800 Hz. Its mean frequency is of 450 Hz. The attitude / behaviour patterns of when he had left his last life (manomaya kosha), the knowledge of his last life (vijnanmaya kosha) and the depth of truth, consciousness and bliss (sat-chit-anand) through the Anandamaya kosha. Having passed through the necessary cycle post-death (will write about the post-death cycle some time later), Mike is ready for taking a human birth.

Phase 5 – Mike’s Human birth:

The sperm and the ovum create a zygote, which have the characteristics of both the parents. This embryo starts developing, and at the end of a month, the head starts developing and then in the second month, the upper, lower extremities and other parts of the body start developing. In the third month of pregnancy, bones, skin, hairs and nails develop. Also in the third month, the external genital organs are formed. The 23 chromosomes of the father and the 23 chromosomes of the mother is responsible for the characteristics of the child that is being formed, till now. So, part of the physical, emotional, mental growth is determined by the parents. Now a twist is thrown in the game.

The partially formed womb is now ready to attract a certain frequency of energy, or prana. And because the parent’s average energy was close to 450 hz, it starts pulling pranas which are close to 450 hz and ready to take birth.

Mike, the key player in this LEELA reaches first out of the thousand similar frequency energies in space that are ready to take birth. The womb in addition to the qualities of the parents takes on the characteristics of Mike, the energy. This energy that was stored in space along with the karmas (charge of the last life) enters this new womb. Then based on the womb along with Mike’s energy, the various tissues start getting formed from the 4th month – the tissue fluids (Rasa), leading to Blood (rakta), leading to muscles (mamsa) will lead to formation of bones (Asthi). This will finally lead to the reproductive fluids (shukra) . Thus depending on the mixture of the energies of the womb and Mike, the formation of the new child – Mike will be determined.

With the ninth month, the baby Mike will come out of his mother’s body. He is now ready to become one of the heroes of the LEELA game. He has continued from where he left in his last life, but he has now got a mixture of his energy and karma of the last life along with some genetic characteristics of his parents. Depending on all of these, his mean frequency of 450 Hz is distributed over the seven chakras. 20% of it in the Root chakra (muladhar) of 300 Hz, 20% energy in the sexual chakra (Swadhisthana) around 380 Hz, a maximum of 40% energy in the solar plexus chakra (manipura) of around 450 Hz and then distributed over the heart chakra (Anahata) – 5%, Throat (Visshuddha)- 5%, Third eye (Ajna) 5% and Crown chakra (Sahasrara)- 5% being the highest with 800 Hz.

Therefore, Mike with a mean frequency of 450 Hz is now divided over all seven chakras with the maximum on the Solar Plexus (Manipura). Therefore Mike will be more concerned with the characteristics of Manipura chakras – business, work, family, name, fame, money etc. His life will revolve around leading a good, comfortable life with peer esteem. His mind and body will be focussed towards making the most comfortable life possible. As he has more energy on the swadhistana and muladhar – he will be rooted and secure, interest towards good food, travelling, comfort, sex and will be plagued with jealousy, anger, mood swings, momentary pleasures and pains etc. Interest in serving others, altruism, deep study and research, search for the Truth etc will not be part of his quest.

What is the composition (prakriti) of Mike? Does he have more air or water or fire? What is its proportion? Let us assume that Mike’s prakriti (constitution) is more of Fire (55%) and less of Water (25%) and still less of Earth (20%). Therefore Mike’s will have more characteristics of Fire element – ruddy complexion, proportional body, bright eyes and medium body structure. His mind will be sharp, his words will be penetrative, his anger and sarcasm very cutting, tremendous envy, jealousy and ego, his analytical skill and grasping power will be fast.

Thus Mike is now created and ready to play the game of LEELA with these qualities, energies and characteristics.

Article by deepak

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