My first editorial of Marathi newsletter of Global Parli

My dear friends living in the villages of India,

Gandhiji in 1925 had said, “Today cities dominate and drain villages so that they are crumbling to ruin”. Today’s situation is much worse as farming has failed to become a viable and attractive business. Sometimes the support price or the price in the market is less than production cost. A farmer is at the mercy of the businessmen, government and nature.

This has to change. And together we will work for that change. A change to improve the earnings, quality of life and future of the children of the villages. For in villages, lies the real India.

Maharashtra is the land of Shivaji, it is the land of Babasaheb Ambedkar, it is the land of some of the greatest sons and daughters of the nation, nay, of the world. It is Maha-Rashtra, the great nation and we are its proud children.

So, without compromising on our self-respect, let us start working together, not as donors and beggars, but as equals. You, my farmer friends, give your sweat and some financial contributions and I will bring our team of management and technical experts from around the world to work together. If there is some shortage, I will become a beggar and ask people of the cities for some donations so that the flame that we have lit together does not extinguish.

We are fortunate that the government and its entire machinery is ready to help us. Let all our energies come together to build the nation.

Jai Hind ! Jai Maharashtra !
Article by deepak

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