Nation First weekly report (week 48)

NATION FIRST – Last week report (week 48)

Cases –

1) Rajan Sadanand Salvi – Age 60 – Charitable Hospital
Suffering from Right DACA Aneurysm now treated in Nanavati Hospital under Charitable Hospital scheme.
last week he started receiving free treatment under the scheme but they asked for bye medicine from outside. We spoke with Social worker now from last 2 days he started giving medicine under the scheme.

2) Shashikant Velankar – Age 58 – MJPJAY  (Work in Progress)
Suffering from a Kidney stone (both the kidneys) Treated in Malika Hospital in MJPJAY scheme. Left side surgery was done. right side operation will be done on 1st Dec. 2018.

3) Mathi Shetty – Age 63 – Charitable Hospital (Work in Progress)
Suffering from a lymphoma cancer in tonsil need chemotherapy. we asked them to go to the BSES hospital and meet Arogyasevek of MJPJAY scheme because we got information from the MJPJAY helpline this treatment is available in BSES Hospital, however, the hospital denies for the treatment from both the scheme (MJPJAY & Charitable Hospital). Now we are working on this.

Article by deepak

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