Outlet for the sloshing – my first blog

New thoughts have been sloshing in my brain for years and without any outlet, they soon subside. No more. Just discovered blogging.

Articulating aspects of existence that stimulate me, that hold me erect by the hair, that kick on my backside and make me move from my comfort zone, that make me question and spend sleepless nights is going to be cathartic. And all of you who have the misfortune of reading these, are going to journey together as I share my opinions, a lousy sense of humour and raise some real interesting existential issues.

Whether it be questions of nation building, existence, God, Urban planning, governance, life and its varied facets – you can be guaranteed that these blogs will look at things very critically, extremely analytically and with great starkness and brutality….

So, tonight I have started the process of throwing the cat among the pigeons. Will try and have a blog a week and hope that all of you react – critically preferably and join the fun.

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