Part 5


Chapter 5 – Karma- Yoga
1.     Self-realization or achieving the Truth is difficult without cleansing your body internally.
2.     Therefore, one must follow a two-step process – (a) Kriya yoga, followed by (b) Meditation.
3.     The spiritual reality on getting down solidifies to become the sthul sharir by the time it reaches the mooladhar. The journey of descent passes through the six chakras, one-step at-a-time. From the formless to the body form, from the unaware to the awareness, from the nirakar (formless) to the newly born, from Shiva to Shakti.
4.     To reach the Real self, the upward climbing will have to start, from Shakti to Shiv, from mooladhar to Ajna chakra, from ignorance to knowledge, from darkness to light, from limitations to infinite.
5.     Kriya yoga is the process of cleansing by practicing a certain kind of pranayam that steadies the breath and the mind. The kriya involves entering the breath through the sushumna and putting pran vayu into apana vayu and apana vayu into pran vayu. This breathing takes place from the ajna chakra to the mooladhar chakra and from the mooladhar to the ajna chakra. This pranayama entails repeated ascent and descent through the sushumna while focusing on the 6 chakras. The mooladhar to the sahasrara will have to be made one. One will have to be mingled with the next, in this way, the previous mingling with the next will reach the ajna. By repeated ascent and descent, the power stationed at mooladhar in its sleeping position will be awakened.
6.     The seed or semen or the power is created at mooladhar (Earth) and stays behind the swadhistan (Water), inside a fluid. The upward flame of Manipur (fire) propels the kriya power upwards through the anahata (air) that bears/holds the vyom (sky) of visuddha. Visuddha is the sound that needs to be penetrated upwards to reach the light of the ajna chakra.
7.     From penetrating the sound of the visuddha chakra, one enters the light in which is impregnated the whole world. And inside this light is a dark area /cave called the Brahmari Guha. Entering this cave where the Divine is situated, a living being can achieve the ultimate truth.
8.     This is the paravastha of kriya, when Shakti (power) unites with Shiva and gets liberated. When the atma meets the parmatma or individualized brahm meets the eternal brahm, the liberation occurs. And when that happens the paravastha of kriya is achieved. This location for the meeting or unity is the brahm-vyom or the kootasth or the ajna- chakra.
9.     Also, there are thousands of nadis that carry passion. This passion can be neutralized by its purification. The purification process is the kriya by which prana of life in these nadis is taken by constant sadhana and placed in the brahm-vyom (the eternal sky in the kootasth). This kriya burns the passion in these nadis.
10. Various clouds of ignorance of different intensities have covered the Solid, Subtle and Causal bodies. It is only by sadhana that these clouds can be dispersed. For removal of the dust/clouds from the solid body, one needs to have a strong and intense desire to do sadhana. For dispersing the clouds over the subtle body, one should start intense sadhana and during the sadhana – one will see various milestones like flashes of light / music / sounds or different sights. But to cleanse the causal body, forceful sadhana is needed. This entails purification of all 72,000 nadis and one can then enter the brahm, where savikalpa Samadhi can be attained.
11. The human being creates its own subtle body according to its previous deeds. Then depending on its fate, it creates its body with the help of a mother and father. The reason for this body, life and death is present only till one achieves the true knowledge.
12. It is very difficult to be in constant stage of sadhana. The way towards that is by initially bringing nature under the influence of sattva and gradually turning it to the stage above the gunas, where no waves arise.
13. This play of prana can only be stopped if all elements – the mind, brain and ego unite is brought under sattva and along with the atma they become one. Their separate existence is no more and they become pure, true and silenced.
14. Someone who has achieved the paravastha of kriya and is situated in the kootasth takes himself as witness. They are unattached and are silent witness to the actions of the three gunas, the mind, brain, body and ego and all their actions.
15. In paravastha’s higher stage- one realizes that the soul is one with nature and understands that they perform none of the actions, thus they are not influenced by happiness or sorrow. And to reach the paravastha – the only way is practice and understanding that the Divine is the sole “doer”.  Surrendering to the Divine is the best policy and judgment, and that will take away life’s sorrows. And that when the mind is totally under the true self-intelligence, nothing good nor evil can touch him, since all actions are being done by the Divine. One becomes inseparable from HIM.

Article by deepak

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