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Today, let’s talk about the RISE of humanity.
We are under lockdown, and the obscurity around when the country will return to normalcy is real. No one has an answer – No leaders, no experts, no frontline workers. While the citizens stay indoors secured by their privileges, the visuals of poverty-stricken sectors suffering due to the COVID-19 pandemic is giving rise to a feeling of concern amongst them. It’s heart-breaking to see the line drawn between the affluent and deprived grow deeper each day and the unbalanced state of the nation is making many question their own integrity. The abrupt halt to the fast-paced life has roused people from their self-seeking and gluttonous slumber. The lockdown though looked upon as a wave of despair is surprisingly uniting all in the name of humanity. 

More hearts are beating for others. Altruism is thriving. Negativity, politics, and greed are being replaced with the desire to give, to help, to be of service while maintaining the social distance. The visuals of daily wage workers stranded on the roads, walking miles to their hometown, or complaining of no meals or clean water is red lighting the fact that there’s a greater risk of these groups dying due to hunger than of the COVID-19 outbreak. But considering social distancing and staying indoors is the need of the hour, the government is striving to help as much as they can. Hence to ease the stress of the frontline workers and with the intense urge to help, made many come forward to help.

Citizens want to contribute, volunteer or start a movement with the intent to help the underprivileged affected by the lockdown. However, social distancing has made things complex and there’s also this general cluelessness on how to help. Though some have been able to crack the concept and do their bit, the rest are awaiting their calling. Hence, how great it would be if we could systemize all the good work at one place, in a common placeholder. Like one pitstop where those who need resources could put in an appeal and those in need of ideas can find them there too. One common bubble for the act of giving. With this, reinventing the wheel can be prevented and the movement can just self-sustain. 

This may sound like a theory, but it isn’t. Presently, there are several movements in operation that were initiated once the lockdown was announced. Unfortunately, most of them are disparate in execution and are also not available in a single place for contact. The Humjoli Foundation in Pune for example, is spearheaded by Saniya, a doctor and her friends. When the lockdown was announced they pooled in all the money they had to prepare ration kits for the needy in their areas. And so far, they have successfully distributed 760 kits. A great initiative, but not a lot of people know about them. We too came across their good deeds through word of mouth. Only if they were available at one location for everyone to see and replicate in their own city or just help them out.
This dearth of information or platforms at the moment is nothing but a hurdle for those who want to bring a change. Act of giving or helping someone is a very personal thing after all, and many tend to avoid local charities and donations due to lack of credibility. Given the situation right now, the need of the hour is simplicity, scale and speed – and all 3 are actually assets of localisation and democratisation of GIVING. With people tied indoors, technology enabled discoveries and management at the moment can be a big saviour. Hence, for self-driven individuals who want to be philanthropic and lead their own movements, the Giving Circle was formed.

Giving Circle – a digital platform harnessing technology for participatory philanthropy was founded a few months back with an intention to digitise simple acts of kindness by individuals in order to provide scale, consolidation and recognition. Exercising kindness through the Giving Circle platform can bring a self-sustainable revolution amidst the COVID 19 crisis. Whether you are planning to contribute or not, we urge every reader to read about their work. 

Visit their website today- www.givingcircle.in

Celebrate a change maker around you as roots of goodness lie in the soil of appreciation. Click here
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