Saguna and Nirguna

Dear Sanjay,

I shall go into much more complex discussions, once you have some questions. Let me try and explain the basic understanding and what is my question
In the Advaita mode that I believe in, we are shakti(electromagnetic scalar energy). And during birth, that high frequency shakti converts from a shapeless energy into an energy with shape. So, we call that transformation: from nirguna to saguna. Saguna has three operating gunas – the subtle (sattva), less subtle (rajas) and gross (tamas). I call this process of transformation from very subtle to gross (nirguna to sattva to rajas to tamas) – an involution process or slowing down of frequency.
For the reverse to take place is a process which is the opposite of involution called evolution. Meaning that one transforms from the gross to the most subtle. So we decide to do actions that are more of sattva nature (purity, meditation, honesty, seva, integrity, helping mankind etc) instead of tamas (laziness, apathy, cynicism) or even rajas (action, anger, passion). The lower two chakra actions are tamasic, the middle two chakra ones are essentially rajasic, while the visuddha chakra (5th chakra) oriented action is sattvic. 
But the top two chakra actions – ajna and sahasrara are beyond these three gunas. They are nirguna – more subtle than sattva. 
So, I have been consciously trying to strive to work towards maximum sattva action. Example : Work for others, change diet, read and think of all these things, satsanga, try and reduce material needs and greed, meditate etc. 
But, my desire or iccha is to go beyond sattva to nirguna state. Swamiji told me that I must wait for more time, as I have family and other responsibilities. Many times I rebel in my mind and am impatient and want to start working for the nirguna state. 
(in case, you are interested – we can discuss about process to reach nirguna state and the role of kriya in that)
In the spiritual gita (an interpretation of the Bhagwat Gita in the kriya yog tradition by Swamiji’s guru – Bhupendranath Sanyal (father of Daddu)), I read an interpretation of the 1st shloka of Chapter 14 on Gunas that made me think of a way to circumvent Swamiji’s advice. It says ” Yet, how does the daily life of such a person go on? By the grace of God, such beings somehow get their daily needs. This stage is of the highly perfected one and the best part is that if anything is needed or wished for, then that thing gets fulfilled”.
Now, like we keep on moving every second between the three gunas, do we also move between nirguna and saguna? If we have a wish of say “taking care of the family” in the saguna avastha, can it get fulfilled when we are in the nirguna state? I know that words are making this sounds complex and complicated – but in my mind I am clear that through kriya, stithpragnata and bhakti, nirguna state can be achieved, even by me (by the grace of our Guru).
But is this the right time? and if not, how do i speed the interim period, is my quest.

Article by deepak

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