Sat 5th March


“The time for petition, marches and pleading is over – the time has come for direct action”    Gandhiji, 1920

Time to go back into states and start strengthening the movement there. After Delhi and Maharashtra, it is UP. In the next two days, various groups from across UP are meeting Arvind Kejriwal and Swami Agnivesh in Lucknow and planning a broad based and powerful movement. All cities, towns and villages across India are waking up and joining.

The meeting scheduled with the PM is on Monday, the 7th. The IAC delegation is aware of the desire of the people for an indiluted Jan Lokpal Bill and will discuss accordingly. All interventions by Annaji in the past have been successful, including the one for the Right to Information Bill.

But, is the meeting a ploy to slow down the movement? We are all aware of this possibility and have given a call to intensify the movement. The success of the agitation and movement will determine the success of getting the Jan Lokpal Bill.

All political party senior leaders have woken up to the Jan Lokpal Bill. Senior leaders from parties are calling up to get a copy of the same. They could access it at along with the comparision with the govt version. Might make them think.

Sonia Gandhi, as Chairman NAC had asked for comments from the Home Ministry regarding the Jan Lokpal Bill on 15th Feb. The CVC imbroglio and the various scams that are being pursued by the SC and the media is fanning the fire of our movement in the hearts of all.

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