Secularism – separating politics from religion?

Some people thought that my last blog was too dense – my apologies. Do note that I am not advocating a theological state, just advocating removal of this artificial separation between religion and political discourse.

Dis-ease is a state of the body where some extraneous bodies enter the body imbalancing the original prakruti (constitution). So, looking at the constitution of an average Indian – we see a very different species from the western piece. A religious, god-fearing, spiritual based mind set – praying every day, having a temple or more in the house, using god and religion in every second sentence and in general using religion or its symbolism in his entire life. Public life, commercial life, movies, plays, ordinary conversations and interactions substantiate all that Sri Aurobindo and Swami Vivekananda say about religion being the central tune of India.

A few months back, I had gone to a Congress party felicitation meeting, where they gave a Bhagwada Gita and Koran to each of the audience and every speech was laced with God, religion and culture. Once in a citizen movement meeting, the priest of the local church made a very pertinent point saying that ” While we start every good event by invoking God, why should we not invoke God for every political meeting / event / issue for a cause which is meant to serve society?”

Since Independence, the communists have had complete control of the bodies (except for a short period of BJP rule) which decide the curriculum setting for the school, colleges and overall public debates in the nation and their viewpoint of anti-religion, anti-God has been prevading in the body polity. The JNU based sociologists and philosophers have been occupying the public mindspace with their western based ideology of separating religion and politics. Anyone who speaks of religion, God and values is branded as communal and rabid. The space for sensible, middle-of-the-road Indian leadership is reduced leaving in its place – extremists using the politics of hatred and vote bank driven religious platforms to vitiate the peace and growth.

Anyone understanding the ethos and the soul of India should realise that the division of public life and religion is an unnatural and artificial boundary. Gandhiji who travelled through the nation to comprehend its heart, used symbolisms and processes from all religions starting from the Bhajans, the Ashrams, the quotes from all religions, sects and bringing moral and religious values into the nation.He created potent and unique weapons based on the Indian ethos like Non-violence, truth, renunciation, dharma etc., which found such outstanding response from the millions of his countrymen.

Today, we have a nation torn apart from its roots, its moral and cultural heritage, its tremendous science and knowledge – we have a nation that is in a stage of disease, of imbalance and one of the thing that we need to do is to throw away this aspect of secularism which seeks to create this unnatural division, to bring back balance and health to this great unique nation.

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