Sense out of nonsense (2) – Universal warning

Let us make this article quirky and interesting, one that can shake the foundation of your basis and concepts.

My mind is always full of questions and after every natural disaster, I ask myself

·      Why was the Nepal earthquake of 2015 just 7.8 Richter? Why is the highest earthquake of 9.5 R? What would have happened if it was 11 Richter?   

·      The 2004 Tsunami ruptured the tectonic plates 31 kms below surface through a 9.1 Richter Earthquake leading to 120 feet high waves that killed 2,30,000 people. What if the earthquake was closer to the surface and was of higher intensity?

 ·      Cyclone Fani (2019) in Orissa had lowest pressure of 990 mbar and wind speed of 180 kms/hr. Why is the highest wind speed in the world’s biggest cyclone Hurricane Patricia only 310 kms/hr? What would have happened if it was 450 kms/hr?

Some months back, my son had high fever of 104° F. After a while, with some care it came back to 98.4° F. This is called homeostasis. There is a range between which sickness traverse and then come back to normal. If it exceeds the range, it ends in death.

Like the above examples, the universe moves between a certain range of the electrical force between the electrons, the range of temperature of the sun, air pressure, gravity, the dance of the helium and carbon nuclei, the natural calamities like earthquakes, rising water levels, volcanic activity. If they did not lie within a certain range, life would be impossible. Similarly, within the microcosm – if there was a slightest difference in an organism at the chemical, genetic, cellular, tissue, organ or system level – life would not exist.

Modern science has developed enough to predict many of the natural calamities like cyclones, volcanic eruptions, typhoon, tsunami etc. Which means that there is a program in our Universe, which does not allow these inconsistencies to go beyond a range and therefore subsists life.

Now let us turn our eyes towards man-made disasters (and I have a strange and quirky theory for it)

Since 1970, there have been many new pathogens with multiple deaths like HIV AIDS – 25 to 35 m, SARS 770, Swine Flu 200k, MERS 850, Ebola 11.3k and now COVID 19 – 20k as well as smaller ones like Bird Flu, Chikungunya, Mad Cow disease and Zika.

Nature has an in-built program or system of giving warnings.

For example, if an area in your house or building is dirty – nature will give you multiple signals.  

With slight filth, you may see black harmless ants and innocent houseflies gathering – appealing to your visual senses to clean it.
When it gets filthier and dirtier – the buzzing and biting mosquitoes, red biting ants and larger red ants will try and signal to your visual, aural and somatosensory (touch and skin) senses.
The appearance and release of a frightening chemical by the cockroach is the next level of warning and
Finally, the mice and rats.

When food is rotting, it warns all your senses – eyes, nose, skin, touch and taste buds. Putrid feces and urine gives signal to your failing health. If you are sensitive to your body, one can easily sense when diseases enter and when death comes closer.

Like the microcosm, so is the macrocosm.

Is it possible that as the climate crisis reaches huge proportions, as 60% of the species have become extinct in past 50 years, as temperature and natural calamities increase – nature’s pandemic has been programmed to signal something?

चीख चीख कर चिल्लाते रहें ,
क्या करेंकोई सुनता ही नहीं 

Been screaming at the top of my lungs,What to do, no one is listening

Article by deepak

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