Sense out of nonsense (Part 9 ) – Beginning the search for truth

Search for the “Truth” 
Is truth “one” or does everyone have their own versions? All our lives we have been educated with other’s knowledge – be it in families, schools, colleges, friends, religious scriptures, religious speakers, books or movies. My advice – take whatever suits you, but, search for your own truth. Hence, away from the organized religions, indoctrinations, away from the faith and beliefs of others, faith of my community, faith of my family, faith of my religion, faith of my nation – let us embark on our personal voyage, unrestrained by history, tradition, religion and relationship – for the critical realisation. Let us not follow someone else’s route, let us create our own path, our own answers, our own Reality, our own Truth.
As we voyage together in the search of the existential issues, please keep your antennae on and keep questioning as we find answers – different for each of us.
What are the paths to take to reach the Truth? Let us look at these four -Science, Religion, anti-religion, Atheism.
Science (latin : to know)
is an instrument to find out the mysteries of existence, through its varied division of knowledge : physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, geography etc. Technology is only a child of science and is an intelligent manipulations of the law of nature and existence to create tools. The relative level of knowledge is ever increasing and keeps on changing and we cannot just depend on the present level of its development to base our findings. Some examples:

• Astronomers averred that the earth was flat and that the sun moved around the earth

• In the end of the nineteenth century, physicist said that all that had to be discovered about physics had been achieved and if there are changes, they would be at the level of the fourth decimall. Soon, Heisenberg and others came along and completely changed the concepts of traditional physics with quantum physics.

• Twenty years back, doctors and scientists maintained that that there was no connection between disease and the mind. Now doctors says that most diseases in the body are psychosomatic (due to the mind).

Therefore knowledge should be based not on the level of present science, but on logic and reasoning using the following methods – direct perception, inference, comparison, testimony, analogy, implication, resemblance, negation, possibility, tradition, actions, exemption and intelligence. While organized religions use testimony, tradition and analogy in the main, we need to use all the processes with more stress on intelligence and possibilities.

Science is but a tool.


This group accepts all practices with blind faith, superstition and everything as an act of God. Mostly dwait (dualists), think that there is a God outside themselves, looking at the welfare of the world. Followers of religion feel that their goal is to propagate and propitiate Him, his messenger and his teachings. They do not just owe allegiance to their faith in God – but to their version of God, their version of the message book, their messenger and their tenets. 

On a day-to-day basis, there is tremendous friction and stress due to the differences between various groups and sub groups based on religion, castes and sects. History is replete with the carnage and destruction that this religion driven group has created – some of the major death figure in recorded history (more on )

a) 11.5 million deaths in the Thirty year Religious war from 1618-1648

b) 4 million deaths in the French Religious War from 1562-1598

c) 9 million deaths in the Christian crusades in a hundred years from 1095

d) Millions of deaths in the clash of civilisation and religions that started with the Palestine problem and continues to dominate headlines all over the world.

e) Lakhs of riots due to religions

This group has spawned all kinds of fanatics, hate-mongers, frauds and charlatans, as their tool of propagation is faith, belief and blind support, rather than science and logic. Instead of using Religion as a search for Truth, as it set out to do, it has resorted to the most stupid, extreme and unthinking behaviour patterns. Depending on emotions rather than intellect.

Anti – religious, Left, Liberals Group

On the other extreme is a small minority group, in a way created out of a reaction to the religious group. Symbolised by Karl Marx “Religion is the opium of the masses”. This group is far more vocal and visible – using modernism, progress, equality and liberty as its icons. This group is equally stupid, ignorant and simplistic, because it understand neither the knowledge of all that has been done for ages, nor the relationship between past, present and future. It just feeds on the fault lines and negative components of the religious group, denouncing all practices as superstitions and bullshit.

Agnostics and atheists

They are a no-no section with no ideas or path, as of now.

My attempt

In my own small humble way, some of the key elements that I am trying to consciously inculcate in our journey together are

1. Avoiding using any religious terms like GOD, DIVINE or GURU.

2. Explaining religion, mysticism and its symbolisms using science, quantum physics, logic and rational thinking.

3. Getting the intellectual, rational thinking and logic to dictate our response to ingrained religious behaviour and symbolism – instead of emotional.

4. For centuries, we have had a division between science and religion, am trying to bridge the same.

5. Pointing out the inadequacies of present science and guiding the future research.

6. Not owing any allegiance to any particular religion or thought process, but searching for the scientific, logical response to my questions across all knowledge that I can access.So, from tomorrow – let the odyssey begin

Article by deepak

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