Shameless Begging

Since I have begun supplying water tankers to villages in Beed, a few thoughts have come to my mind, which I thought of sharing.

I was taught that there are three key things in life – siksha, diksha and bhiksha.

Siksha was learning about existing knowledge. Our education system is made of learning subjects and theories that have been written or taught by others. Lectures, speeches, readings are all about siksha.

Diksha was about starting the creative spark within one’s self. It may happen due to some personal meditation, intuition, reflection or energy transmission from someone.

I was comfortable with both these processes, but I used to shy away from asking for anything  – bhiksha or begging. My false ego prevented me from asking anyone for money or favours. I used to call that asking as “indecent”. In earlier times, common people’s children and even the king’s prince used to go door to door asking for food. A king has the money to buy the best for his children, but the act of begging or bhiksha was an antidote to the ego.

So, this time when we started water supply in Beed, we had to ask donors for money. But I suddenly found that my diffidence for asking for money was gone. When people had doubts or questions regarding the integrity of the expense, my ego would have earlier raised its head and I would have felt hurt that people asked ME for justification. But, now I do not think that and I feel that it is our duty to be very transparent and accountable for every rupee that we get.

A few days back, someone invited me for his daughter’s birthday (I have not attending social functions since over a decade) – I agreed, provided he gave money for the drought. When an old friend invited me for dinner, I agreed, provided he donated. Have become a shameless beggar. I was not asking for anything for myself but for others. Maybe the ego has taken a beating.

So, while serving others – maybe some personal growth has taken place within too. 

Article by deepak

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