Short note on Water Cup challenge

The Global Parli project involves 15 villages located in the Parli taluka in Beed district, Marathawada, Maharashtra. Marathawada has the highest number of farmer suicides in the country.
All India average irrigated area is around 40% while in Parli it is only 1.72%. This highlights a lack of effective water management across Maharashtra and specifically in the Parli taluka. Marathawada region has been experiencing multiple droughts since 2012, which saw one of the lowest levels of rainfall in the last 40 years.
Ineffective water management and prolonged drought, underline the critical need for a paradigm change in water resource management to break the existing trend and progress towards water security.
A competition called Water Cup has been started by Aamir Khan called Paani Foundation It is a brilliantly and meticulously planned attack on farmer suicides, rural poverty and can be the true harbinger of change in rural Maharashtra
12 of our villages have participated in this competition between various villages to create watershed development in their villages In a scientific and trained way to increase water storage capacity and many important village development works in the garb of a tournament. Last year over 3000 villages participated and improved water capacity by leaps and bounds.
The work spread over a period ending in May 2018 envisages various activities like creating . But we need the broader community to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our rural brethren for soil and water conservation works using manual labour and machine works. Most other works are done by the villagers using their own resources and government scheme and machineries.”
Article by deepak

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