Should one vote for Modi or against? – an open letter

Dear friends

Am neither in BJP nor in opposition. Just passionate about our beloved country.
Would like to present key pros and cons of the last govt in a brief, balanced and dispassionate manner, considering the short and long-term good of the nation.
These are the six major critical indicators
1.     Economy (4/5)
Overall, it is on the right track. India is one of the fastest growing economies with 7.2% GDP growth, inflation under control and in the last 5 years – India has jumped from 9th to 5thlargest economy in the world. The failure of DeMo to achieve its objective of black money eradication reduces one point.
2.     Law and Order (3.5/5)
No major riots, no bombings (unlike 2009-14 period), control and eradication of secessionist tendency in different parts of the country except Kashmir are positive points. Kashmir could have been managed much better. Relation between centre and state are above average except with Delhi govt
3.     Development and administration (3/5)
The pace of development – Roads, Electricity, Houses, Cooking gas, Toilets, Medical (ayushmann scheme), opening of bank accounts and transfer of funds directly into beneficiary accounts (thereby reducing leakages) is unprecedented. Corruption at higher level has reduced, but at the lower levels – corruption has not been tackled effectively. Administration machinery is probably functioning slightly well, but jobs are not being generated fast enough. Farmers are suffering and the distress is real. They are not getting the benefits of development as much as they should get.
4.     Geo-political position and dealing with neighbors (5/5)
India’s position has never been better and we are considered as one of the major nations of the world. Our dealing with our pesky neighbors has been exemplary. We have shown the magnanimity of offering hand of friendship and when rebuffed, we have been firm and strong, setting boundaries of sovereignty.
5.     Political culture (1.5/5)
Misuse and abuse of various institutions like media, judiciary and executive, authoritarianism, lack of transparency, no internal democracy of parties, deterioration of quality of debate and discourse in public life, VIP culture, dynasty politics and dominance of money, muscle and divisive agenda of vote bank continues to plague our electoral system.
6.     Social fabric (1/5)
India is more polarized than ever before. Minorities are insecure. Statements against Muslims by ruling party leaders, entry of Sadhvi Pragya are sending wrong signals. Triple talaq was a good step, and so also reduction of appeasement of Muslims for vote bank. But overall, the social fabric needs to become more harmonious.
Based on what is important to an individual, he should vote for BJP along with their strengths and weaknesses or vote BJP out. It is unfortunate for the nation that right now, we do not have the choice of at least two different ideologies, programs and vision for the nation. It is either for BJP or against.
That’s not healthy.
Just keep one’s prejudice away and vote for India.
India can wait no more!

Article by deepak

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