SOON (16) – Let’s pause and review

SOON (16) – Let’s pause and review

A journey in the subject as vast and profound as the discovery of Truth, one needs exuberance and daring. Neither the defensive nor a looking-over-the-shoulder attitude is correct for astronauts of this voyage. Chronicling that journey needs a sensitivity about deciding what to exclude to prevent it from becoming complex, unwieldy and bogged down in details.

I invite all of you to choose to “not accept” my findings and observations, but treat these blogs as an initiation to conduct your own internal search for Truth. In case, you need more help in that voyage, I would be happy to guide. In my personal trip for self-realization, I have utilized the three basic processes of knowledge acquisition

1. Sourcing the knowledge by direct experience using meditational tools

2. Testimony of some of the greatest scientists, mystics, saints and philosophers, and

3. Intellectual inference using intense hours of study, research and reflection.

Since the time when I experienced Reality as the complete unity of existence, I was desperate to intellectually understand the truth of that experience and validate it. So, I started studying the parallels and interconnections between the energy dynamics as explained in quantum physics and spiritual writings on one hand and modern discoveries in neuro-endocrinology, genetics and the nervous system, on the other. In future blogs, after having completely explained the above, I would like to suggest some ways in which this integration can be manifested in practice for a blissful, contented, happy and fulfilled life.

Our bodies are essentially energy that lives in a universe of energy and is consistently exchanging information and energy with its environment and is not separate from it. Some principles to understand, before we proceed towards deeper discoveries, are:

1. The potential scalar wave energy in space collapses to create a human being consisting of physical form, bio energy, attitude, knowledge and a potential blissful state, all together.

2. Our bodies is composed of energy. Each of the 50 trillion cells in your body is more than 99.9999 % empty space and the subatomic particles moving in this space are actually bundles of vibrating energy of different frequencies.

3. Every cell of our body contains the complete range of frequency including intelligence, information, attitude, bio energy and physical form. ” As is the atom, so is the Universe”. All koshas (frequency layer) that exist in the Universe exist in human form and, exist in each of its cells.

4. Every cell uses intelligence and information for existence. Just as thousands of unspoken words exist in our mind as potential, so also the space inside each cell contains complete cellular intelligence and information with the total range from the universal consciousness to the physical form. The void inside each cell is throbbing with intelligence and information, with an estimated 6 trillion reactions taking place every second in each of the cells. Geneticists locate this at the physical level of DNA, which imparts its coded knowledge to the RNA which in turn exchanges the information with thousands of enzymes, which then utilize parts of the intelligence to create proteins.

5. The cellular intelligence and information creates the body every second. The body is like a river, it appears to be always the same but in truth it is constantly changing. Every second we are breathing out atoms of hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and nitrogen which were part of our body just a second ago. Cells of all our body parts are being replaced by new cells every moment, as quickly and endlessly as they are being broken down. The skin replaces itself every month, the stomach lining every five days, the liver every six weeks and the skeleton every three months. To the naked eye, these organs look the same, but they are always in a flux. By the end of a year, 98 percent of your atoms would have been exchanged for new ones.

6. All aspects of existence are interconnected. Each of the 5 koshas or layers are interconnected, therefore, if one is injured (physical plane), then one is low on energy (bio energy plane), nor does one feel like reading or thinking or debating (intellectual plane) nor does one feel in a good mood (mental plane). Similarly if one is in a negative mood, stress or depression (mental), then one feels low on energy (bio energy), unwilling to engage in debates or thinking(intellectual) and prone to illness (physical).

7. We are all connected at the deepest and most subtle level. Despite the appearance of being separate, we all contain all the layers of existence, as we slow down from the highest frequency of the universal consciousness to physical forms. All forms of existence, whether on the physical plane, plants, animals or humans – are all connected at the most subtle level. Each of us contain this universal consciousness or universal intelligence. Therefore, every part of existence is connected at this highest level. In future blogs, I shall draw upon the findings of western scientists and mystics to validate this most important conclusion. As mentioned in one of my earlier blogs about my spiritual awakening, this was the Reality that i experienced – that we are all one, all existence is united and interconnected. After that experience, I started reading, meditating and studying to validate this Truth. In Hinduism they call it “Vasudeva Kutumbikam” – the whole universe is a family.

8. Consciousness influence awareness that influence mind that affects the body. Everything that happens in your life, and everything that happens in your body, begins with something happening in your consciousness. Your consciousness is who you are, your experience of Being. As seen earlier, the slowing down of frequency starts from consciousness to awareness to mind and finally to the body.

9. Mind and body are inseparable. Every thought or feeling has a direct effect on each system, organ, cell or molecule in our body. Before a few decades, western medicine did not recognise the connect between most illnesses and the mind, but today they say that most of the human illness and diseases are psychosomatic (connected with the mind). Let us consider a simple, daily experience – Just a look at a semi naked girl or a thought of one makes the brain release hormones which has a physical reaction. Our mind creates the release of various chemicals in the body which affects the body, positively or negatively. Stress is the source of most of the diseases like the heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure etc. There are thousands of books and studies being conducted around the world citing various examples of the impact of the mind on the body, its diseases and healing.

A pictorial representation of the koshas

Article by deepak

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