Status Quo is not acceptable

As events move at a bewildering pace, there is a mix of emotions – exhilaration, pleasure, confusion and a lost-in-a-maze feeling. But within all this, there is a sense of direction that is deeply satisfying.

As we waded through the data that we are getting regarding the corruption of people I used to respect (I had the highest respect for Nitin Gadkari, specially as I knew about how he constructed the flyovers and how he used to desist taking money from the contractors, used to like Salman Khurshid’s frankness), the scales have started falling from the eyes. Can this be the truth? Can the amounts be so large? Is this real? While the numbers and the insensitivity is staring in the eyes, the mind still wants to cling to the old, false reality. Can Salman Khurshid actually cheat the differently abled? for a mere 71 lakhs? Can Gadkari rob the farmers of their land, for money? Is there no limit? Its numbing and shocking!

The way the BJP supporters have started attacking me on FB, twitter is so amusing. Calling me a land mafia, when all I did was being an employee of a NGO funded by a developer for 3-4 years ! Based on some false newspaper report, an article in India today, based on the newspaper report and a TV report again based on the same newspaper report! By the way, that false newspaper report also never made any accusation of corruption nor of being the land mafia. My response that I had given then can be read for reality check at My personal integrity is unimpeachable.

Today, all political parties are comfortable working in the system. There is probably no serious party that has not tasted power – even a new entrant like MNS is in power in many places. So, there is no desire to change the way things operate. Sometimes I listen to some of the TV debates and the discussion about how changing the FDI component by a few percentage points will change the country, or how a certain policy will alter. I wonder, if this is the same country that I know of? A country, where more than 40 crore people go to sleep hungry? Where thousands commit suicide due to poverty? The panellists think that by fine tuning the policy, all the problems will vanish. I think that we need major overhaul, and not minor technical glitch repairing. They want status quo and we do not.

Status Quo is not acceptable!

There is this raging argument going on, that IAC will cut into BJP votes and due to IAC, Congress will come back to power. And that we should stay away and select BJP as it is the lesser evil. My counter question is “Why does India have to select an evil at all?” Also, I believe that any of the parties that comes to power will continue with the status quo, and status quo is not acceptable.

Why not try and make our dreams for the nation come true, rather than compromise with lesser evil?

Article by deepak

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