Still more LEELA – the setting

Still more LEELA – the setting

 The game of LEELA continues. The Universe and its inhabitants with its rules and systems (maya) is operating well. This extremely complex and brilliantly designed game also has a cyclic and time component. It uses energy to drive the entire LEELA with a mixture of higher energy (sattva), middle range (rajas) and lower frequency (tamas), used in different proportion at different times.

Cyclic Existence

Like the celestial bodies determine the morning, afternoon, evening, night and again day on a daily basis.

Like the celestial bodies determine the summer, winter, monsoon and again summer on a annual basis.

Similarly on a much larger time frame, existence is moving through its planned cycle of energy, with Satyuga (100% sattva), Treta Yuga (3/4th Sattva), Dwapar Yuga (1/2 Sattva) to Kaliyuga (1/4th Sattva) to Satyuga again. 


As we saw in the last blog, Mike has now taken human birth one more time. He is an energy body like all of us, having a mean energy of 450 Hz, spread over his seven chakras. He is also more pitta (fire constitution) and is living in the Kaliyuga.

In the Kaliyuga, the pure energy (sattva) or the higher frequency energy is around 25% . The game has to be played in a manner that sattva cannot be allowed to be completely obliterated. So, as per the game structure, new players are born every second – some of higher energy and some of extremely low frequency. As the trough or lowest point of kaliyuga is crossed, new beings are born that are more intelligent, more sensitive and overall. Every decade, we see more and more people moving around all over the earth seeking meaning and in a subconscious manner, higher energy. People may not understand themselves nor understand why they are searching, but the game is moving all the time, pre-destined and planned. The seeking for increasing purity has begun, slowly but surely.

Articles on spirituality, Saints and speakers of various denomination, formation of New Age religions, discussions on religious and spiritual issues is slowly pushing up the sattva aspect in mankind. But still, these are like blind men looking at the Elephant parts – with no idea of the complete animal. Someone feels one part and thinks that he only knows. But as the movement continues towards Satyuga, more and more complete knowledge will come.

So, Mike had taken human birth at the time that the game of LEELA is proceeding towards higher energy from the lowest it has reached. So, evolution is a natural instinct.

Mike’s constitution

We are all made up of the five elements – ether or space, air, fire, water and earth. The proportion of the element of the energy (prana) which entered the womb and the proportion of the element in the zygote created by the sperm and the ovary will determine the constitution (Prakriti) of Mike when he is born. What is the percentage of Vata (air and ether), Pitta (fire and earth) and Kapha (water and earth) in his mind-body? The proportions will determine his body structure, his thoughts and his attitude.

Mike is made up of 55% of Pitta (fire predominance), 25% of Vata (air ) and 20% of Kapha (water). Therefore Mike is likely to be of medium physique, strong and well built. His mind will be sharp with good concentration powers. Assertive, self confident and aggressive. Pushy, competitive, passionate and irritative with excellent analytical skills, Mike is a typical Pitta person. He will be healthy as long as his constitution remains the same as during the time of his birth. But as it changes due to his food, behaviour, environment and thoughts, he will start feeling unease and that imbalance of his elements will lead to diseases.

Mike’s energy distribution

Mike has been born with a mean frequency of 450. This energy is distributed over all his body and is related to the energy of the chakras. He has the maximum energy in his solar plexus chakra or the manipura. That means that Mike would be likely to be more concerned with relationships, earnings, family, peer reviews, business and having a “good” life.

After the manipura chakra, he has maximum energy in the sex chakra (swadhisthana) and root chakra (manipura) and thus he is rooted, interested in pursuing material pleasures, healthy and grounded.

The upper chakras are not well nourished and therefore Mike is not likely, in normal course to be a seeker of spiritual knowledge nor have an altruistic streak. He would be more concerned about himself and his close ones.

This is how Mike is, when he was born.

Along with Mike, in his locality were born Jai, a son of the Municipal sweeper of an average frequency of 330 Hz and Seema, the daughter of a teacher of an average energy of 650 Hz. They were born in Mumbai, which is a medium level geographic spot in India.

We are now looking at this billion of years old game LEELA, when Mike has taken birth…..

Article by deepak

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