Story of existence part 2

Story of existence part 2


Was just browsing through some of the popular Massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG). It is really interesting ! Thousands of players can role play each game at the same time in a brilliantly designed environment. The “World of Warcraft” has 1.5 million subscribers. WOW!

LEELA – the cosmic game of life has around 7000 million human and hundreds of millions of other subscribers – plants, insects, animals etc. LEELA is an extremely complex, nuanced, logical and intelligent MMORPG. We have discussed this in the earlier blogs. We are right now at stage 8 – the Bhurloka. Humans will have to raise their frequencies beyond 790 Hz to go into the next stage. Else, we will keep on being reborn into this stage 8. We could also fall below the frequency of 300 Hz and go back to stage 7 or lower. There are a total of 14 stages in this MMORPG, beginning from the lowest of patala-loka and going to the highest stage of Satya-loka.

Now, after 286 lives in Bhurloka, Mike has reached a reasonable frequency of 450 Hz. At his frequency, his characteristics are desire for accomplishments and love. The most important craving is for recognition, love, peer appreciation and societal respect in family as well as work. Unlike Jai, who felt that valour, courage and violence were his methods of resolving issues, Mike feels helping others, service to humanity and approach of peace is the way towards bringing the world to its senses.

His operative field is the sensory world. Work, family, children, spouse, religion and society are the reasons for his existence. Let us look at some of the characteristics to understand people in the Level 2 (400 – 550 Hz range).

Active Chakras : Solar Plexus chakra or Manipura, Heart Chakra (Anahata) and Throat chakra (Visuddha)

Understanding of God or nature : Still the concept of God being a separate entity from one’s self, continues. Unlike the level one notion of a merciful and vengeful God, Mike’s level two believes that God gives peace, happiness and calmness. Now, the demand to God is not to save, reward or give justice but to give happiness, peace and love. God is a vehicle towards inner growth. Detachment, calm, meditation and silence are demanded of God. Prayers are more focussed towards happiness and peace for oneself and family. Some start looking for God in others, hence service to poor and needy is one of the ways they serve God. Mike will tell his son to be a good man and to do good to society and nation. But still, the relationship between man and God is based on duality or separation between the man and his maker. God is an outsider which can offer you inner growth. Nature is not wrathful, but wonderful creations of the Maker and to be used sensibly. Love and peace are the key to the relationship with God.

Understanding and aspirations : The purpose of existence is to be successful in life. Take care of the family, society and the environment. Sensual gratification is now for higher tastes – visual, olfactory, audio etc. Good food, paintings, art, music, travel, decoration, fashion, looking good, being healthy and similar subtle enjoyments become the high points of life. Good morals, doing good to others, trying to search for happiness and peace within are some of the personal aspirations. A good life means respect and love for fellow human beings and a place in society. A bad life means struggle to earn, lack of respect in society, disrespect from family and turmoil in life. Life is a challenge to be won over by hard work, good values, sophisticated taste and lifestyle.

Values: The intense competition for material accomplishment leads to strife, turmoil and stress. But there is always a secret yearning for going beyond these material success and hence Mike aspires to become full of understanding, gratitude, forgiving and tolerance. People in this level 2 give great deal of importance to achievement, harmony and love. Getting angry, rude, mean, vulgar are shameful characteristics. Violence is not accepted unless family is threatened. The greatest fear of degeneration of values is the possibility to become obsessed with wealth and success. A thought process that believes in the duality of anger and love, failure and success, vulgarity and sophistication, loot and service creates relevant values.

Food and lifestyle: Rich foods, meat, eggs, butter, tasty food, garlic and onion dominant food. Enjoyment means richness – in food, lifestyle, money, enjoyments which satiates the five senses. Addiction to many things that reflect this lifestyle is common.

Most of the cultured mankind would have traits common with MIKE. Most of us are pretty similar to MIKE.

MIKE, after 286 lifetimes has now reached this frequency of 450 Hz and to cross 790 Hz and enter the next stages, he’ll have to really change his mindset, thoughts and approach to life. If he continues to work for society and family, he’ll not proceed much further.

JAI saw the pleasures of success and achievements of MIKE and aspired for them – but Mike is completely oblivious to the internal growth of higher frequency people. So, the critical question is – does he even know or is willing to accept that there is something higher ? Mike probably thinks that his knowledge and his aspirations are the highest that can happen. All his heroes are successful people on the material world – a Gandhiji, a Ambani, a Rockefeller, a Bill Gates, an Obama.

Arjuna stood in the middle of a war in the Mahabharata and saw his own family, friends and relatives in the enemy camp and was grief-struck, wanting to abandon the war. He was operating at a Level 2 frequency and peace, love and renunciation were his highest values. It was left to Sri Krishna to explain to him that life is MMORPG and that his role is to play the game as he is only a player. That life does not end with one death and that all players are just embodied souls that are immortal.

Is there a world of heroes beyond Mike’s knowledge? Does he even know that a Krishna, an Aurobindo, a Vivekananda, a Babaji or an Osho exists?

Mike, like millions of people like us, is either a closed mind or a mind filled with his own thoughts – you cannot enter his mind. No new or drastically evolutionary idea will disturb his set thoughts. He might have to go through thousands of lives, taking rebirth at almost the same frequency. OR will he suddenly have some insights or someone to guide him ? Will there be a Krishna to recite the Bhagavada Geeta to Mike?

Next time, we will look at Seema’s life who is at 650 Hz and what drives her. We will later track Mike and see if something out of the ordinary happens to him to catapult him towards a faster growth.

Article by deepak

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