Synthesis of religion and political discourse

I have received some responses on my earlier blogs on secularism and political discourse which seems quite irrelevant and cliched.

A careful re-reading of my blogs would reveal some sentences like “I am not advocating a theological state, just advocating removal of this artificial separation between religion and political discourse”. Hence, reading BJP orientation, cultural nationalism, science vs religion, Hindu vs others seems a knee jerk reaction and is not really relevant to the main point that I have raised. I humbly would like to re-state the hypotheses for your comments.

For the last few months, my world view is that “Everything in the world is at it should be” and therefore the drive to “change” is no longer too active within myself. I am at peace with myself and with the world around. The earlier engagement with civil society and longing to improve society, nation or the world is not seeming imperative.

As I meditate, think and read – the inescapable conclusion is that existence has been created in a balanced,healthy and self correcting state. Whether it be the universe with its gravitation, its pressure, its temperature, its flora, its fauna, its evolution, its development, its elements or the human body with its various self-healing mechanisms, its homeostatis, its balance or the inter connectivity and inter dependence of various aspects of existence – all is naturally healthy and perfect, and mankind with its exploitative, fragmented instinct is messing it up.

While great discoveries and inventions is necessary, evolutionary and commendable – the basis on which it is driven, a mechanistic viewpoint of existence as separate and fragmented and therefore exploiting nature and its variants, needs to be corrected. The fragmentation has led to the present social, ecological, cultural crises. It is the root of all wars, violence,caste, religion and other differences.

Objective science (physics, chemistry and biology) which was the basis of all development, has suddenly been found to have been driven by false mechanistic concepts as new experimentation and validation confirmed that all matter is undifferentiated at the source. New philosophy also validate the unity and synthesis of all.The Ayurvedic and Homeopathic holistic medicinal system, which bring body back to balance, yoga which opens blockages to allow the body to come to its natural balance are getting more and more popular.Modern medicine, which used to say 20 years back, that physical ailments had nothing to do with the mind – is now stating that over 80% of the physical ailments are psychosomatic.

So, what relevance does this have to secularism and all that?

Well, as disease is described as an unnatural deviation from the ethos of the body, so also any deviation from the ethos of the nation, the soul of the nation creates an unnatural state, which seems to be one of the major source of misery, turmoil and violence in this country.

So, what is my premise?
1. Democracy is the best political system – as it allows freedom and air.
2. Non -religious governance system is the only process appropriate.
3. Allow religious symbolism in public life.
4. Remove the artificial barriers created within public discourse
5. Create middle ground sidelining parties using religious and casteist platforms

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