The Subjective is the Objective

The Subjective is the Objective


The scientists called up Einstein from the Himalayan monastery, to report the truly extraordinary conversation between them and the mystics. Putting the phone on speaker, Dr Wheeler said, “We are so satisfied and happy that all our doubts regarding the mystic’s knowledge have vanished. We just called to say that that while science and spirituality have different paths and styles – they are eventually complementary.”

Einstein listened with rising pleasure and replied with just one sentence, “The only incomprehensible thing about the Universe is that it is comprehensible”. All assembled in the Monastery started laughing.

Dr. Duncan brought back the discussion to the topic that was bothering the scientists. With folded hands, he spoke, “Dr Gauss, a mathematician in the 1840s worked out equations of curved surfaces. After 75 years, in 1915, when Einstein was working on geometrical theory of gravity, he realized that Dr. Gauss’s mathematical image fit it exactly. Which means that an abstract formula created by the Dr. Gauss’s mind exactly matched the phenomenon of the physical world. It also means that intuition or direct subjective investigation in the mind produces valid knowledge in the outer world. The mind seems to be exactly matching matter. It is so strange.”

Rishi Bhasma stood up and raising his right hand to quite the audience, spoke, “The most straightforward explanation is that the intelligence within the human mind parallels exactly the intelligence displayed in the laws of nature. The individual is parallel to the Universal. This can only happen because the two – individual and universal consciousness, are, in fact different aspects of one underlying unity. This underlying unity is the source from which mind and matter emerge and is pure intelligence or “Consciousness”.”

Ved Vyasa was listening carefully. As Rishi Bhasma looked at him, Ved Vyasa nodded and took over the explanation, “This pure consciousness breaks out into dynamic transformation, into mind and matter– it is the basis of the physical Universe and the physical body. It is also the source of the individual consciousness. In the unified field, everything is one and there is no scope for disunion. Objectivity cannot be separated from subjectivity. This is why you scientists found that the observer changes the observed. The observer and the observed are in fact indissolubly linked. ”

Just then, there was a sound of a helicopter landing and in strode David Bohm, with his usual wave and cheerful smile. As he sat down in the chair after greeting the assembly, Dr Duncan briefed him on the ongoing discussions. Dr. Bohm spoke, “I am so glad that this meeting has taken place and all differences between the two groups are understood as separate routes to attain knowledge. And that too with so much mutual reverence for each other.”

He continued, “Ved Vyasa’s assertion about the source being one and thus interconnected is in sync with my theory regarding the Implicate and the Explicate order. All forces and particles of nature are waves in an unbounded ocean of consciousness which I call the Implicate Order. Within this ocean all waves are connected; and, thus any individual element could reveal information about every other element in the universe. Therefore from the consciousness that is embedded in the Implicate Order, there is an unfolding of space, time and matter – the ExplicateAll things found in the explicate order emerge from the Implicate Order by a process called the holomovement and ultimately fall back into it.”

“Within the Implicate Order are embedded all possible features of the explicate order as potentials, just like a “seed” that produces a living plant. The matter that emerges from this Implicate Order has a limited life. And once the duration of each matter gets over, it enfolds back into the waves of the Implicate Order.” Bohm continued, “The layers of the Implicate Order go deeper and deeper to the ultimately unknown. These intelligent and evolving dynamic waves are the basis for both life and matter. The consciousness waves of the holomovement in the Implicate Order are not static, but have been evolving to create matter beginning from elementary particles to atoms to molecules to living beings and finally to conscious beings on Earth”.

John Bell, who had accompanied David Bohm chipped in, “This Implicate Order contains the pure intelligence and the knowledge of the past, present and the future. So, when someone is able to consciously or subconsciously access it while meditating or by intuition, he gets the knowledge that he is seeking from the pure consciousness. As we are all sourced from the Implicate, we can access the knowledge of the Implicate. You, Rishis, have a method of meditating by quieting your mind and allowing the knowledge to enter you, while some of us have had accidental intake of knowledge through intuition.”

Dr. Chandrasekhar, a physicist and a philosopher, added, “People often go to movies and get so involved with the action on the screen that they forget their own lives. Similarly, the three states of the unified field of intelligence – the knower, the process of knowing and the known (or the observer, observation and the observed) interact and enmesh with each other an infinite number of times to create a movie- like life. Due to this, life becomes so textured, compact, concentrated and dense that the silent source of the unified state of Being appears forgotten and hidden. What was once pure consciousness alone has unfortunately, now become a playground of sense experiences and self-oriented activities.”

Prof. Julie Thierot, the young and attractive microbiologist from Stanford could not contain herself. She interrupted by saying, “The DNA contains all the knowledge and is complete. The messenger RNA carries the intelligence to the raw materials available (amino acids) and the resulting protein molecules are the structural components used in building the body. In three sequential steps, the DNA’s genetic code reaches out to make the body, without becoming embodied in any of the structural components that it creates. This is the way that consciousness or intelligence converts into matter.”

“Just the way, your Shiva becomes infinite varieties of Shakti, without losing any of its strength. Or just the way the Implicate Order converts into the Explicate.” Dr Duncan quipped.

There was applause from all those that had assembled and Rishi Bhasma stood up and called the meeting closed for the day. A light dinner was prepared and the scientists and the mystics mingled together for the first time in an atmosphere of joy and mutual respect. It was time to sleep early as next morning the meeting was to begin at 430 am.

The next day, it was the turn of the mystics to use the language of science. There was an air of expectancy in the atmosphere.

Article by deepak

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