Who am I ? (part 16) -Unity and interconnectivity

  I knew that the picture of reality I had arrived in my vision was not unique and that it had been proposed and experienced by numerous mystics. While it was critical to understand and validate the Reality for myself, it was equally necessary to share my experience and vision. But, it could not be just an assertion – it would not hold any value or credibility for myself nor for others. The best way to understand this Reality was by exploring it scientifically – by forming verifiable theories based on inference and testimony – most definitely not by freezing it on basis of faith or religious dogma.

While the mystics spoke about the same realization as I did, their journey and observations were taking place in inner realms, inaccessible to the ordinary senses, and in a language, foreign to most. While I could accept the Truth as espoused by them, the task should be basically to provide explanation of phenomena as well as investigation of the true nature of things – not depending on evidence given by mystics nor books nor scriptures, but to provide a cogent exposition, depending on reasoning and insight.

That led me towards Quantum physics and I discovered to my great relief that quantum physicists had come to many of the same conclusions about reality that I arrived at, only working from a completely different direction. Words cannot describe the joy that I experienced at encountering these strange and wonderful ideas offered by quantum physics. Although I was confident in my own thinking, I had come to feel quite isolated in my strange view of reality. While many of my meditative thoughts found its reflection in quantum theories, I have no doubt, that the balance realizations would also be understood over a period of time. If I was born a century back, when classical physics was predominant, none of these validations that we find in quantum physics could have been possible, so it’s been my great fortune to have been born during these exciting times.

While I did read many scriptures and religious writings of various religions it was only in the Hindu books, particularly Tantra, Vedas and the Upanishads that I could find the interconnectedness between the three – my realization, the new discoveries in science and the scriptures / sayings of the mystics. Let us look at some key parallels:

1. The wave and particle properties of light / energy finds its parallel in the Tantra concepts of Nada and Bindu.

2. It has been recently discovered by science that the space in ether contains scalar wave energy, which is the same energy that the Upanishads pointed out condensed to form matter.

3. According to the tantric tradition, the universe collapses into the Siva Bindu, a mathematical point without any magnitude. It was in 1933 that Georges Lemaitre discovered the Black holes, in which stars collapse.

4. In 1927, Lemaitre postulated the Big Bang theory for the creation of the universe and then Edwin Hubble discovered that the Universe was expanding. The Rigveda written in 1700 BC talked about the golden egg “Hiranyagarbha” which blasted to create the universe and the cycle of Laya (creation) and Pralaya (dissolution) which matched the scientific description of expansion and contraction. It also predicts the contraction of the Universe and annihilation of the Universe, which science needs to work towards.

5. Heisenberg’s theory of uncertainty, that postulates that each of us is a “participator” in the observable world, is akin to the tantric texts which propose that there is no ultimate division between consciousness and reality, and that everything is just maya (illusion).

6. The dance of the dynamic interaction of subatomic particles, its creation, sustenance and dissolution has been symbolized by the cosmic dance of the Shiva, with its dance posture and its mythological story.

While there are hundreds of other parallels that I could write about including the time-space continuum, the consciousness of every atom, cellular intelligence etc, but I shall desist and allow you to read books and websites to find more.

But, the three biggest Reality that I encountered during my meditative pahse were (A) Realization of the unity of all existence (B) Interconnectivity amongst all and (C) Process of subjective or intuitive knowledge gaining. Therefore, my theory needs to understand all in respect of mystical knowledge as well as modern science.

(A). Unity of all existence

Indian Knowledge System (IKS): The most important essence of the Indian knowledge is the awareness of the unity and the interrelation of all things and events, the experience of all phenomena in the world as manifestation of a basic oneness.

Modern Science: This has its echo in various scientific studies, whereby state of matter change with change in vibrational speeds and the “Zero Point energy” is the source of all existence and therefore all is connected at the deepest level. David Bohm, the proponent of this theory says “The inseparable quantum interconnectedness of the whole Universe is the fundamental unity and that the relatively independent behaving parts are merely particular and contingent parts within this whole”

My theory: As we saw in the involution theory that I proposed (derivative of Samkhya / Kashmir Shaivism), all existence comes through condensation and slowing down of highest frequency of Universal consciousness and therefore all are one at the most subtle part.

(B). Interconnectivity

Indian Knowledge System (IKS): “Vasudeva Kutumbikam” meaning that the entire universe is a family which is completely interconnected is the cornerstone of the entire worldview in the IKS.

Modern Science: (a) When Bell’s theorem in 1964 proposed that atoms even at large distance (non-local) react to each other, it suddenly gave a scientific meaning to all of us, who had strange experiences of co-incidence, of being connected to people whom we knew, of finding response from people we thought about etc. But, it was in 1982, that the most important experiment by physicist Alain Aspect proved that every atom that has come into contact with another at any time, will be interconnected irrespective of space and time, and be able to transmit information to each other.

(b) As scientists started searching for the building block of nature, they started dividing from molecule to atom to sub atom to now, leptons, baryons, mesons and hadrons to finally finding that there is no fixed matter, just interconnected vibrations.

My theory : As we are all sourced from the highest stage of universal consciousness or pure intelligence, we are all directly connected to each other. It is our avidya (false knowledge) that keeps us from understanding that this is just an illusion (maya).

(C). Subjective or intuitive knowledge – phenomena of sudden, direct inspiration, or intuition or cognition

Indian knowledge system : The mystics have written reams of literature on gaining knowledge through intuition and meditation.

Modern science: There is no cognisance by mainstream modern science of gaining knowledge through anything other than experimentation and objective analysis, but there is recording that most of the great discoveries and mathematical theorems have been found through intuitive impulses. It could be read at http://mayankgandhi04.blogspot.com/2010/04/subjective-knowledge.html.

My theory : I gained all my experience and knowledge through intuitive and meditational means and therefore, I needed to know more about this process. As mentioned in earlier blogs, each of us have an unbounded and eternal field of pure, abstract intelligence or consciousness. If one becomes pure and still, the human mind can access this intelligence which contain the subtlest laws of nature. So, the two stages of this are preparation, when the mind deliberately ponders the subject and illumination – usually in a period of relaxation, especially during meditation. I used to ponder on specific issues, prior to sitting in meditation and ended up getting insights and answers.

On various paranormal occurrences, para psychological issues, mysteries and miracles, if we apply our principles of various koshas /levels and the fact that all the levels are inherent inside us and can be accessed using stillness, meditation or gifted development, we can unravel the mysteries and miracles.

Article by deepak

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