Who am I ? (part 18) Healing with nadi

Who am I ? (part 18) Healing with nadi

  Reflection :

There is an excess of teachers, gurus, books, TV programs, scriptures, epics, religious books, friends and friendly advice 🙂 that is focussed on removal of blockages (mental, physical, psychological and emotional) of the three slower koshas, which can lead to a better life

1. Annamaya (physical body) – exercise, hatha yoga, walking, food, diet, eating and living habits

2. Pranamaya (energy body) – pure air, pranayam, cardio vascular exercises, breathing exercises

3. Manomaya (attitude / behaviour) – Moral values, ethics, cultural systems, love and respect, positive thoughts, attitude of service etc.

My blogs attempt to open the blockages of the fourth kosha – Vijnanamaya kosha (the real knowledge) – by ridding the mind of avidya or false knowledge as well as kutarka – reasoning oriented towards the negative which is based on avidya. Therefore, the blogs have been written to complete the incomplete, to finish the unfinished painting – because the mind is a perfectionist – unless we complete the fourth layer i.e. Vijnanamaya kosha – it cannot take off on the fifth. Our mind will keep on pulling us back. All the questions that our mind keeps on asking us – Who are we? What is existence? What is our role in the same? and How best can we play that role? need to be answered logically, rationally, completely and clearly – if we ever expect our mind to allow us to go further into the layer of bliss – the Anandamaya kosha.

The understanding for the Vijnanamaya kosha is based on logic, analysis and dissection – thinking like a scientist – focussing the searchlight of reason and logic on every aspect of existence. Paradoxically, as we go beyond the Vijnanamaya kosha, into the Anandamaya kosha – the unexplainable, the blissful experience, where there is a cessation of the mind and a feeling of unity – the scientific temper will become an obstacle and we will have to abandon it to become poets, lovers and pure beings – soaring high above the mind.

Let us continue our odyssey of opening of our blockages in the four layers – physical layer, energy layer, attitude layer and the knowledge layer, before we venture into journeying into the layer of Bliss. Let us use the human body, the greatest transformer of energy to reach the higher frequencies.

Organ Nadis:

After the kundalini awakening, there was an increased energy flowing in my body. I feared that the higher flow of energy in the organs could result in a possible organ failure. I knew that Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Swami Vivekananda both left their body as it had contacted cancer due to organ failure, and the fear of one of my major organs failing seemed very real to me. Those were initial days of this phenomena and I had not yet come to terms with my new body and the novel experiences that were happening within.

Fortunately, my friend Sudipt, myself and my wife learnt about ayurvedic acupuncture, which explained about the nadis of each of the major 12 organs of the body. These nadis or energy lines are also called meridians in western knowledge. As we have discussed earlier, our entire body is an electromagnetic force and therefore each of our organ is electromagnetic in character with a magnetic field. Therefore each of the organs emit magnetic lines – one main and other tertiary.

As the energy was flowing from the nadis in and out of the organs, our target was to keep the nadis clean and free from blockages, to ensure that prana in the organs move smoothly, without any obstruction. This would not load the organs as energy would flow smoothly, minimizing the danger of organ failure. There are 26 organ main nadis or meridians in all – 12 pairs on the left and right side (six of them having negative polarity – flowing from the toes to the middle torso, while six have positive polarity starting from head and going down) and then two central nadis called the governing channel and the reproductive channel .

Just to give an example, in the above picture, there is a diagram of the inside arm with the three nadis of lung, small intestine and heart. Therefore, for example to clean the heart channel or nadi, which runs from the inside of the arm along the shoulder and palm to connect with the little finger. There are nine pressure or marma points along the channel which can be pressurized for cleansing and removal of toxins. Therefore to ensure smooth functioning of my heart, my wife would gently massage all the points on the heart nadi beginning from point 1 called H1, then H2…..going up to H9. If there was some pain during massage, it would mean that there were toxins and some more gentle massage would release the toxins and eliminate them through the nadi movement, thus ensuring smooth flow of prana in the nadis leading to a better operating heart. While one can pressurize just the main point, in this case H8, we will know if there is a problem in your heart organ. In case, there is a problem, then we need to clean the entire nadi pressing all the points.

Similarly, we can press the main points of each organ and find out if there is a problem, and if there is, then the entire nadi needs to be cleaned. Thus, each of the 26 nadis were cleansed by massaging the marmas or pressure points, every day, to keep the organs in good shape and stay away from diseases and organ failure.

You could try to keep your body and nadis clean of blockages to ensure flow of energy by using this simple technique. Our main organs operate at peak capacity for 2 hours every day and if one massages during that period, then one can be more effective. Please find below a chart of organs, peak time period, main point of pressure and list of ailments that can be healed using this technique.

To help you open the blockages to achieve higher energy levels, please find below drawings of each nadi. All you need to do is (a) firstly, press the main point (check in the diagram below) and if there is pain, while massaging with your thumb with reasonable pressure, then (b) start gently massaging all the points in that organ nadi starting from 1 and going higher to match the direction. That will give you relief and open the path for prana to flow.

Article by deepak

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