Who am I ? (part 19) – nadis and my experiences

Who am I ? (part 19) – nadis and my experiences

  Every week, I try and write some stuff on issues that I have encountered in my seeking days. The writings are neither to teach nor to show the way. I was exposed to this knowledge and started my journey only when I was 44 years of age and have always regretted the late knowledge. Therefore, I am trying to chronicle and share my journey and findings with a view to stimulate or initiate others to start their own “search”, whenever they are ready. I do not purport to be a teacher – I am just pointing to a certain destination. Each person makes his own path and encounters his own set of issues and solves them.

Cleaning of nadis and purity has always been of primary importance to me in my spiritual growth. While hygiene and cleanliness have been important aspects of life in the western world, in India it was purity which was most important. That is why one sees poor habits of Indians who have terrible public hygiene and throw and spit anywhere, but have a bath twice a day, unlike a westerner. To be pure in mind and body is one of the critical tenets of a spiritual seeker.

Our body is full of bacteria, virus and such. Immediately after the prana leaves the body, the body starts decomposing and virus and bacteria start eating into the human body leaving behind a terrible putrefying stench. Increasing frequency purifies the body from within, and is one of the major ways of spiritual growth. When Paramhansa Yogananda, one of the great kriya yogis left his physical body (died) -Harry Rowe, the Mortuary Director of FOREST LAWN MEMORIAL-PARK ASSOCIATION, INC. wrote a letter “The absence of any visual signs of decay in the dead body of Paramhansa Yogananda offers the most extraordinary case in our experience. Had the muscle protein and blood stream of the deceased not been comparatively free of bacteria, deterioration of the body could have set in as early as six hours after life had departed. No physical disintegration was visible in Paramhansa Yogananda’s body even twenty days after death.”

Nadi cleaning, a certain protocol of eating, breath, kriya yoga exercises, chakra energizing, balancing of energies in the body, trying to lead a sattvic (pure) life have been some of the ways that I try to keep as pure as possible, and thus sensitive to energies operating in existence. While the other subjects will be tackled later, I just would like to recount some of the impact of nadi cleaning that happened to me.

It was in 2007, that I started learning Sun Gazing while reading and corresponding with Hira Ratan Manek or HRM, who had not eaten for 411 days, and existed on liquids and solar power. He had a simple technique of staring at the sun every morning or evening one hour after sunrise or one hour before sunset (that’s when the UV is less than 2, and thus not harmful to the eyes), while standing barefoot on soil (preferably). One started the process by staring (it is not necessary to stare without blinking) for 10 seconds and then increasing daily by 10 seconds. He claimed that at the end of three months, when one would have reached the 15 minute period, one would be free of mental diseases and at the end of six months- free of physical ailments and at the end of nine months, when one has reached around 44 minutes, one did not feel the need to eat as the body would get enough energy from the sun, itself. One also needed to walk barefoot for 44 minutes for nine months every day. You could google HRM (www.solarhealing.com ) and find out more.

I started this sun gazing and reached 28 minutes level in around 5 months time by which time I lost the urge to eat. So I completely stopped eating, but continued to drink water. From the fifth day onwards, I started checking the ketone level in blood to monitor my health. I was neither feeling hungry nor weak – actually I was feeling really healthy and good and kept on boasting about it to all and sundry. By the twenty eighth day of fasting, I was on top of the world with people calling up and asking about my health and praising me. Suddenly I wondered, Was this what I wanted? Was this the way towards self realisation? Or was it a diversion? I immediately started eating.

While the sun gazing process did not work for many, it worked for me because my nadis were clean and that I could absorb energy from the atmosphere easily. When I felt weak, I would just pull energy through my leg nadis from the earth and from the air through my hands.

Due to the cleaning of nadis, my body has become extremely sensitive to the outside. When I visit any temple, I could feel its energy and would make a judgement about the energy level of these religious places. For example, when I used to be with Gagangiri Maharaj, a great yogi – my body would actually vibrate with gushing energy and my body hair would stand on its end.When I meet anyone, including God men, I can feel their energy levels easily and I have met many fake sadhus and yogis, who have no energy at all.  In my lexicon, the energy I feel determines that of temples, places of energy and religious people.

While those are good things that happen due to purity of nadis and sensitivity, I have some uncomfortable moments due to the same. For example, when I shampoo my hair, I get the taste of shampoo in my tongue as the flavour moves from the skull. If I put some balm on my sole, I get the flavour in my tongue . It has been around 4 years since I have applied soap on my body while bathing, as I do not wish for the chemicals in the soap to percolate through the skin and affect my organs. Also the weather – heat and cold affect me more than it used to.

If one examines the various cultures and rituals of any religion, one would find energy dynamics as the fulcrum. In the human body, let us look at some of them.

1. The nadis are in the maximum at the area below the neck, on the wrist and on the ankle. That is the reason why golden (gold is an excellent conductor of energy) jewellery is worn on these areas.

2. The ear lobe is the spot for immunity and therefore women wear diamond jewellery which focuses light force on the ear lobe.

3. Each of the finger has a differing frequency energy passing through and thus different frequency colour stones / gems are worn on these fingers to increase and manipulate the energy.

4. Palms are joined together during prayers in temples ( which are basically high energy areas) and thus there is a continuation of the energy flowing through the joint fingers making a circuit and therefore the right and left part of the body and brain gets equally energised and balanced.

5. Feet touching and giving blessings by touching the head are essentially transmission of energy to the brahmarandhra (main energy spot in the head) by elders, supposed to be higher energy bodies.

6. Emotional blockage takes place above the heart and therefore when there is a tragedy and death, women beat that area while weeping, thus releasing emotional trauma.

If you think deeply, then many other symbolic and ritualistic actions would lead to opening and manipulating energy to open blockages and lead to higher frequency. Therefore, it is very important to open your nadi blockages and allow prana to flow smoothly, if one desires to attain good health and spiritual growth.

Article by deepak

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