Who am I (part 2) —-  I am you

Who am I (part 2) —- I am you

  Today, in a simple, laymen language without using religious or didactic language – let me try and explain my concept of reality and its implication on my life and thought process….

Till the sixth century BC – Greek, Indian and Chinese philosophers professed that science, culture, philosophy and religion were not separated but an indivisable one. Then the Eleatic worldview of the west started prevailing with assumption of a Divine Principle standing above all Gods and men. This principle eventually led to an intelligent,personal, benevolent God standing above the world and directing it. Thus began the separation of matter and spirit and led to the dualism in western thought.

The dualistic religious movements in the west along with the Eastern religiosity consisting of various Gods, their messengers and their books created a worldview where humans were only connected directly one-to-one with the creator and sent to the world for various purposes – leading to claims and counter claims of superiority, proselytism (religious conversion) and competition leading to violence, strife, wars and tremendous unrest and indescribable horror and misery.

In the seventeenth century, philosopher Rene Descartes proposed the ‘Cartesian’ division of nature as two independent realms – the mind and matter. Modern scientists started seeing matter as dead and completely segregated from themselves and the world as materialistic, working on principles of a Monarchical God. This view has led to huge advances in the field of science,technology, organizing of cities, political structures, medicines, agriculture, economy and similar. But due to this worldview, individuals started identifying themselves as separate mind and separate body parts with the futile expectation of the mind trying to control the separate compartments of talent, feeling, beliefs, individuality leading to endless inner conflicts generating confusions, stress and frustrations.

The inner fragmentation mirrors our alientation from nature and from our fellow beings treating natural environment as separate from us and therefore to be exploited by different interest groups. This fragmented view is further extended to society which is split into different nations, races, religions, groups and political entities leading to the present ecological, political, social and cultural crises.

Opposed to these worldviews of dualistic religiosity and materialism – I believe that I am the infinite, the unlimited, the boundless, the energy, the shakti, the integral part of the whole. And so are all of us. I AM YOU.That the entire existence and each of its part is an integral part of each other with the same infinite and sourced from the same energy. As the Upanishada says “He alone sees, who sees all beings as oneself.”

The subtle high frequency universal energy or consciousness has through a process of involution (slowing down of frequency to create grosser matter) created matter in various combinations of gross energies. Its like the slowing down of frequencies for changing state of matter like the conversion of water vapour to water to ice.

The relationship between the inside and the outside can be best described with the verse
“As is the atom, so is the Universe;
as is the microcosm, so is the macrocosm;
as is the human body, so is the cosmic body;
as is the human mind, so is the cosmic mind,”

This is not a abstract notion but “my truth and reality” and has led to extraordinary changes in my worldview, behavior, emotions and thoughts in the last six years. I would like to share the same in the next blogs, along with the scientific understanding of “What I am”.

Article by deepak

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