Who am I? (part 21) – Chakras

Who am I? (part 21) – Chakras

 I had invited Alain Roberts, a French “Spiderman” who climbs tall buildings from the outside, without any support, to give a presentation in a World Conference on Tall Buildings hosted by us in February, this year. When people quizzed him about how he dealt with the risks involved in his daring lifestyle – he answered very simply “You people exist, while I live”. Most of humanity just exists, but there are a few who live. And for those that live or want to live, one can be in one or more of these three stages – Knowing, Doing and Being. We are right now talking about Knowing and Doing – we shall come to the Being state at the appropriate time.

The first 16 parts of this series of Who am I, described the knowledge of existence, but from the 17th part onwards, we are also understanding the practical aspects. And in the Doing part, there is nothing more important than chakra manipulation. While there are thousands of chakra cleansing, balancing and energizing techniques – I shall just try and explain in my own “energy” method, what chakras are and how they could be manipulated to gain extra energy and lead oneself towards evolution. May I request you to pay attention to the chart below, as it is the most critical process of purification and evolution.

The pranamaya kosha or energy body has three components – the chakra, the nadis and the marmas. I have already written on the cleaning of nadis and opening up the energy junctions in the earlier blogs, but the key is the energy producer i.e. chakra. Chakras or energy vortex could be understood as an organizational centre for the receiving energy from the nadis, transformation of the energy and transmission of the same via the nadis. In the physical body, blood comes to the heart from the veins, gets purified and then pumps back via the arteries. In the energy body, there are various centres of energy receipt called chakras, which transform the energy and transmit it. Because chakras are in the higher frequency body (pranamaya kosha) it cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Our chakras being the core centres, form the complete coordinating network of our beautifully designed, but complex mind-body system. The chakras are the master programs that govern our life, thoughts, emotions, loves, learning and illumination and chakra cleansing, balancing and energizing is one of the fastest process for spiritual growth. There are thousands of websites and books on chakras and its cleaning, balancing and energizing processes, but please proceed with care and caution as there is no alternative to learning these things by an experienced teacher. I know of many people who have tried these processes either reading books, watching on TV or from friends or an unworthy teacher and have suffered tremendously.

Chakras are the physical, emotional, mental and psychological centres in the human energy body and is a connect between matter and consciousness. While there are many minor chakras, the main chakras are seven in number and are aligned with the spinal cord. These are connected by the three major nadis – sushumna, ida and pingala.

Our body gets formed by slowing down of frequency (involution process). In the womb, the brain is formed first, then the spinal cord slowly gets created by materialization of energy through densification, from top to bottom. Hence, the Sahasrara chakra forms first with the highest frequency among the chakras and as materialization takes place due to slowing down, the other frequencies start forming into matter and ajna, visshudha, anahata, manipura, swadhisthana and muladhara chakras come into existence.

The chakras are interrelated to all the components of the physical body via the nadis – which means that the nerve ganglions, endocrine system, organs, blood, lymphs, bones and semen are all interdependent on the health of the chakras. Thus there is a synthesis of chakras with the organs and the endocrine glands.

The chakras impact not just the physical parts of the body, but also emotional, psychological and all other aspects of life. Please go through the chart below to understand how each of the chakra is interconnected to various aspects of our personal existence.

In the next blog, we shall go through each of the chakra and understand processes to purify and strengthen them.

Note: The frequency that I mention in the chart has been picked from a website. While some other websites talk about a different hz, but all these works and research follow the pattern of logic of muladhar being of lowest frequency and increasing to sahasrara, at the highest.

Article by deepak

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