Who am I ? (part 23) – Gunas

 In the journey to know Who am I and What is existence, we have travelled a long way. We established that existence as well as humans and other living and non-living beings are just vibrating energies. If one could defocus our eyes and go levels deeper than we could, one can see existence as vibrations of different frequencies, exchanging energies with each other in this wonderful, fascinating movement, sometimes called the “Dance of the Shiva”, with its cycle of creation, sustenance and destruction

The human body is the highest state of existence, because it has the power of transforming the energy at which it has been born. The frequency of a human at birth is determined by many factors – rebirth, genetics and karma. But, during the lifespan, humans can utilize the free will that it possesses to alter the frequency. So, if for example, one was born at a mean frequency of 300, one could by its choices and circumstances, reduce it or increase it.

The tools of this energy increase are many –

1. Visiting energy spots like the temple, religious places, high energy people, doing satsanga
2. Psycho physical exercises like the hatha yoga, pranayam, tantra, mantra, karma, yantra, jnana, many types of yoga, meditation, massage etc.
3. Energy enhancers – like gems, vastu, feng shui, crystal, pyramid, pendulum and a million others.

These are temporary tools that increase energy – but unless one prepares the body, one can go back to its original state. The human body and mind complex uses what I call as the Aahar- Vihaar – Achaar – Vichaar (Food – environment – behavior and thoughts ) which determines the enhancement or reduction of the energy frequency of the human during the lifespan. And these are mostly determined by our own choices and free will.

So, these choices have been divided into three major divisions – called the gunas. These are qualities for fine tuning our mind-body complex. Every moment of our lives is an interplay of these three gunas, sometimes with one dominating and sometimes another. The three divisions are

1. Sattva or purity

2. Rajas or activity

3. Tamas or inertia

While I have tried to imbibe a few of these, what is more important is to purify the body and create qualities in the mind-body , so that blockages can be removed and the body could be energized. While it is my desire to become nirguna (beyond qualities) – right now, I try and use processes to be as much sattvic as possible. I would like you to go to the characteristics as under, find out where you are presently and try to amend your lifestyle to evolve.

Sattva guna (Purity)

Chakras : Ajna and Visshudha Color : White Deity : Brahma the creator

Lives in service of society with no desire for recognition or rewards

Characteristics :
Joy, satisfaction, nobility, enlightenment, and happiness, absence of stinginess, absence of fear, contentment, disposition for faith, forgiveness, courage, abstention from injuring any creature, equability, truth, straightforwardness, absence of wrath, absence of malice, purity, cleverness, prowess.

Confidence, modesty, forgiveness, renunciation, purity, absence of laziness, absence of cruelty, absence of delusion, compassion to all creatures, absence of the disposition to calumniate, exultation, satisfaction, rapture, humility, good behaviour, purity in all acts having for their object the attainment of tranquillity, righteous understanding, emancipation from attachments, indifference, Brahamcharya (celibacy), complete renunciation, freedom from the idea of meum, freedom from expectations, unbroken observance of righteousness, beliefs that gifts are vain, sacrifices are vain, study is vain, vows are vain, acceptance of gifts is vain, observance of duties is vain, and penances are vain.

Food: NO ONION, MEAT nor GARLIC, as it immediately activates the lower chakras and starts the chemical release of adrenal, gonad and pancreatic hormones, which stimulates the Tamas guna, taking away all the energy to the lower chakra and reduce release of pineal and pituitary glands, thereby reducing sattva. Some of the sattvic food would be made of milk and milk products, ghee, fruits and fresh juices, spinach, beans etc

Environment: Cleanliness, open spaces, greenery

Behaviour and Thoughts: A refined and purified sattvic mind has four inherent attributes.
o Inclination to virtue
o Knowledge
o Dispassion
o Sovereignty, freedom, mastery.

Rajas Guna (Passion, Action)

Chakra: Anahata, Manipura Color :Red   Deity : Vishnu, the Sustainer

Lives more for personal gain and achievement

Characteristics :
Injuring others, beauty, toil, pleasure and pain, cold and heat, Desire for power, confrontation, war, peace, arguments, dissatisfaction, endurance, might, valour, pride, wrath, exertion, quarrel, jealousy, desire, malice, battle, protection of others, slaughter, bonds, buying and selling, fierceness, cruelty, vilifying, pointing out the faults of others, thoughts entirely devoted to worldly affairs, anxiety, animosity, reviling of others, false speech, false or vain gifts, hesitancy or doubts, boastfulness of speech, praise and criticisms, laudation, prowess, defiance, attendance of the weak and the sick, obedience to the seniors and parents, service or ministrations, harbouring of thirst or desire, cleverness or dexterity of conduct, possessions, houses, grief, incredulousness, vows and regulations, actions with expectation of good result, diverse acts of public charity, imparting of instruction, performance of sacrifices, study, making of gifts, acceptance of gifts, auspicious acts, the wish to have this and that, affection generated by the merits of the object for which or whom it is felt, treachery, deception, disrespect and respect, theft, killing, desire of concealment, vexation, wakefulness, ostentation, haughtiness, attachment, devotion, contentment, exultation, gambling, indulgence in scandal, attachment to dancing, instrumental music and songs.

Those men on earth who meditate on the past, present and the future, who are devoted to the aggregate of the three viz., Religion, Wealth and Pleasure, who acting from impulse of desire, exult on attaining to affluence in respect of every desire, are said to be enveloped by Passion (Rajas). These men have downward courses. Repeatedly reborn in this world, they give themselves up to pleasure. They covet what belongs to the world as also all those fruits that belong to the world hereafter. They make gifts, accept gifts, offer oblations to the Pitris, and pour libations on the sacrificial fire.

Food: Hot substances, Eggs, tea and coffee, spices, fish, salt and pepper, chocolate and sweet foods, dry fruits, ice cream, lime and lemon, peanuts, potatoes, tomatoes food etc.Eating in a hurry is called rajasic.

Environment: Vibrant, garish, decorated, full

Behaviour and thoughts: Inclination for action, change, movement and creativity

Tamas Guna (Inertia)

Chakra: Swadhisthana, Muladhara Color : Black  Deity: Shiva, the destroyer

Steps on others to get ahead and harm society

Characteristics :
Complete delusion, ignorance, indecision in respect of action, over sleep, haughtiness, fear, grief, censure of good acts, loss of memory, immaturity of judgment, absence of faith, violation of all rules of conduct, want of discrimination, vileness of behaviour, boastful assertions of performance when there has been no performance, presumption of knowledge in ignorance, hostility, evilness of disposition, absence of faith, stupid reasoning, crookedness, incapacity for association, sinful action, senselessness, stolidity, absence of self-control, degradation.

Food: Alcohol, animal meat (beef, chicken,fowl, goat, lamb, pork, rabbit etc.), fried foods, frozen foods, leftovers, microwaved food, food with preservatives, and mushrooms (all kinds). meat; alcohol; tobacco; onions; garlic; fermented foods; stale/overripe food; processed food; leftovers. Overeating is also regarded as tamasic.

Environment: Dirty, messy, stinking

Behaviour and thoughts: Sorrowful, lazy, sleepy, liar

Article by deepak

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