Who am I? (part 5) – Kundalini – preliminaries

  The evolutionary energy that began operating within me after my spiritual awakening has become a constant companion and in the last blog (part 4), I did mention about its impact on my worldview and behaviour. In view of the immense significance of this transformation in my body which ultimately resulted in the development of various psychic and other abilities, it is absolutely necessary to dwell on this vital process which will have a major impact on the future evolution of mankind. For simplicity, I will call this spiritual awakening as Kundalini awakening – for that is the popular name given to this mystical, regenerative process, which is the end product of a deeply experimented and researched Hindu science. I repeat, that it has nothing to do with a particular God or set of Gods or a religion, but a universal phenomena that can be achieved by anyone who meets the standards and follows the processes. There is nothing in the whole mass of knowledge, gathered by mankind so far, of such paramount importance as the knowledge of this transforming energy for the evolution of the mind, and the spiritual and religious urge.

Suppose, for a moment, that the Law of Gravity was not formulated. Now, imagine that the greatest scientists and the foremost thinkers were exercising their brains to comprehend the force which keeps the planetary bodies in their orbits, or the phases of the moon, or the weight of things, the tides etc. These thinkers would be working deeply on each of these subjects in an isolated manner without realising that the force of gravity was behind these phenomenon. Similarly, without studying and understanding the root cause of all evolution – the kundalini energy, researching isolated phenomenon of human and natural events, while ignoring the core kundalini energy would be misdirected.

Our FM radio antennae catches frequency between 88 to 108 MHz. So, does it imply that there is no electromagnetic frequency (emf) more than 108 MHz or no emf below 88? The human ear can hear sounds ranging from 20 Hz on a piano scale of A0 to 4186 Hz on a scale of C8, divided into eight octaves and sound beyond the piano range to reach around 20500 Hz – so is there an implication that there is no emf above 20500 Hz none below 20 Hz? But Radio wave ELF (extremely low frequency) of 3 Hz, going up to visible light of 3 THz to X-rays and Gamma Rays of 300 EHz are being worked upon for mobile phones to TV to remotes to X Rays and other uses. So, the limitations is with the ability of the receptor.

Similarly, our brain consisting of over 100 billion cells is an electrical and chemical machine, which is said to use only a fraction of its capacity (some scientist talk about 10% usage in intelligent people). Thus, we are only tapping a small portion of what the human brain can do. If each of us were operating with fully functional brains, meaning that we had all the capacities of any genius, we had total psychic functioning and complete control over our autonomic nervous system at will, we could be said to operating at full capacity. Thus, even though we have the potential to achieve much more than we currently are doing, the limitations of sensitivity of our receptors in the brain needs to be overcome using the kundalini energizing.

Kundalini awakening leads to reversing the direction of flow from top down to its reverse.It is this constant energy supply, specially the sexual energy, to the brain which increases its electrical activity and leads to higher percentage of brain usage, therefore increasing the capacity of the receptor (brain) to engage with a higher range of knowledge and experiences.

Unfortunately, this process of kundalini, which has tremendous implication for mankind and can lead to the next level of evolution of mankind has been lost in various mystic, esoteric, romantic and commerce based explanations. It is now time for us mystics, to speak the language of logic and science and demystify this wonderful knowledge by validation and experimenting using properly directed scientific research and is bound to cause the greatest ever revolution in human thought process, leading to what Sri Aurobindo describes as the evolutionary supermind and supramental consciousness.

The main benefits of validation of the Kundalini phenomenon are
 Once we are able to scientifically and rationally establish that the source of enlightenment is bio-physical and that Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Mahavir, Krishna were enlightened due to a cerebrospinal activity, then it would lead to better harmony between faiths and religions and reduce tensions.
 The world seeks power everywhere and once we can explain that the real power for transformation lies within each of us, it would make a paradigm change in all dimension of thoughts in the human race.
 Propagating this knowledge and its derivatives and bringing it out in the public realm, will build interest in various related sciences of the Indian Knowledge system and can lead this wonderful conflict resolving knowledge base to become the leading global culture.
 Will explain many unexplained phenomenon like the evolutionary religious and spiritual instincts, emergence and evolution, consciousness, energy healing and relationships, paranormal and psychic activities etc.
 Builds a platform for validating the concept of reincarnation and karma principles and establishes a raison d’etre for having ethical, moral values and therefore a base for compassion and love.

In the words of Gopi Krishan “The awakening of Kundalini is the greatest enterprise and the most wonderful achievement in front of man. There is absolutely no other way open to his restlessly searching intellect to pass beyond the boundaries of the otherwise meaningless physical universe. It provides the only method available to science to establish empirically the existence of life as an immortal, all-intelligent power behind the organic phenomena on earth, and brings within its scope the possibility of planned cultivation of genius in individuals not gifted with it from birth, thereby unfolding before the mental eye of man, avenues and channels for the acceleration of progress and enhancement of prosperity which it is impossible to visualise at present”.

As this kundalini awakening is an experience, a taste to savour – it can best be understood and described by only the few mystics who have undergone a full scale kundalini awakening. It needs to be an awakening that is not just a one-off, momentary contact with the glorious universal consciousness, but a regular constant which leads to higher sensibilities and intellect with transformative and regenerative powers. Theoreticians, thinkers, philosophers and saints can speculate, theorize and romanticize the process (and I have read hundreds of books and websites with the most outrageous/ syrupy / magical / supernatural / mystical / technical theories), but it is only the one who has experienced and is feeling the energy surging through the body every second of his life, who can understand and correctly explain this extraordinary manifestation of a glorious state of consciousness. And it is my complete conviction that the characteristics of the awakening, the continuous energy flow, its impact on the evolutionary process of an individual and consequently on mankind will be corroborated in times to come.

It is therefore critical to understand, share and explain this phenomena to the world, and I shall attempt to do so, while ensuring some key principles:
1. The absolute correctness under all circumstances of the disclosures I am making about Kundalini, reactions and impact without glamorising, personalizing and mystifying it.
2. Complete objectivity, transparency, openness, no pride of achievement, no pretence of divine office, no gurudom, no ego of higher knowledge – just a sense of being a humble instrument of the universal consciousness.
3. Focus the searchlight of logic and science on each and every word and thought.
4. Demystifying the entire process while taking no recourse to faith, religion, written word by some God or its messenger.

Thus, I shall attempt to explain the Kundalini awakening using the above principles by focussing on
 The pre -phenomenon – Why does it happen, how is energy movement manipulated / altered at the quantum level and what drives human consciousness to reverse the process of energy flow from top to down to kundalini flow (bottom to top)
 The phenomenon -How does kundalini awakening take place, what are the conditions and climate for the kundalini awakening, what happens during kundalini awakening and how does one ensure continuance of the energy flow
 The epiphenomenon (secondary phenomenon) – what happens to a human body after the kundalini awakening takes place, what impact does it have on different parts of the body, how neurophysiology, biochemistry, endocrine system and other physiological changes take place due to this and most importantly – how mind, thoughts and worldview gets impacted etc.

As you may have noticed repeatedly, I do not have much skill in articulating my knowledge nor am I a very well read person, hence arguing different theories and complex analysis will be difficult. In the blogs to follow, I would just put forward my worldview and understanding – most of this due to meditative, subjective knowledge, which have been since validated by reading and studying. I do not read and experiment, but what I feel and realise – I read to obtain precedence and verification.

Please bear with me as I venture into complex territory, where I shall have to explain the worldview, existence, energies, quantum physics, tantras, religion, physiology, various experiments and findings in science, as simply as I can, without being simplistic. Friends, all this in blog instalments of around 1000 words every week or ten days. Though I hope that I can cope with this, correct me if I am going too fast and ask any doubts that arise. This is going to take some time and blogs to explain and I will need to take detours and might have to go off the tangent for a while to explain the point.

Article by deepak

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